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Acne Skincare Tip - Part 1 | #acne #skincaretips

Snap, CRACKLE, Pop

Now drugstore brands are on to the Crackle phenomenon!! Just the other day I spotted a full display for Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat nail polishes. I would have taken a picture of the display, but it was pretty bare!! These are the two polishes I picked up. 

Vintage Violet & Antiqued Gold
I must admit that I wasn't crazy about the black OPI shatter polish, maybe it was just too Gothic for my taste... I am really excited to try these out though!! At $6.99 each I would say that they are quite pricey for a drugstore nail polish, but you know there are constantly sales and coupons floating around.  ;)

How do you feel about Crackle polish?


  1.  nice new layout! I'm kind of torn on the crackle polish...good for a nail or two, but distracting if my whole mani is crackled. the shades you got look more promising though!

  2.  I hope you review these. I'm so intrigued by Shatter/Crackle polishes. I saw the purple one last night at Walgreens, but curious how the qualities are... hehe~

    I'm curious about Hair One now. I need to check it out at Sally's Beauty.

  3. I actually just picked up those same 2 shades and I am having a hard time with them for some reason . I agree a bit pricey for drugstore. Gonna give it another go. Would love to see how yours turn out! Love the posts lately I havent had the chance to keep up such a bad bloggie but Keep em comin xoxoxoxo!

  4. Really?? How so..?


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