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New Obsession - Lush Products

I am suddenly addicted to taking a bath, please don't confuse this for bathing..I take a shower people!! =P
I've only recently become a bath person and boy am I obsessed!! At the moment I am obsessed with the products at Lush since they are all natural and they don't irritate my skin in any way.

Here are my favorite Lush items:

Butterball Bath Bomb

This bath bomb smells like vanilla and leaves my skin feeling SO soft after because of the cocoa butter in it. I don't even use lotion after this, that's how soft my skin feels!! Note: This does not leave any residue behind in the tub.

Twilight Bath Bomb
(picture from Musings of A Muse)

This smells like lavender and vanilla, the smell is really soft. Twilight turns the water into a beautiful shade of purple, the outside is a soft pink & the inside is blue. I love to use this bath bomb right before bed, it puts me right to sleep!! Warning: There are very fine pieces of glitter in this, it looks more like a shimmer & it will be on your skin.

My notes on bath bombs - I cut the larger bath bombs in half & only use half for a bath, it works just as well for half of the cost!

Porridge Soap


This smells like sweet oatmeal to me & I love it!! This soap is great for those with sensitive skin, it cleanses & exfoliates skin with drying it out or irritating it. This is the first Lush product I've ever ordered and I've bought it several times. Warning: The oats in this will be all over the bath tub, but a quick rinse well send them right down the drain.

R&B - Revive & Balance
This is the perfect anti-frizz cream, shine serum and detangler I have ever used. EVER!! It makes my hair really soft, frizz free, and shiny!! I personally think the smell reminds me of the beach, it does contain coconut oil. The scent of this is so great that I really hope that they will come out with some kind of body lotion with this smell. Warning: You only need to use a little of this at a time to get great results.

I know that Lush is quite pricey, but I love being able to go to a STORE and smell the product.
I have been looking at (damn this site is DANGEROUS) and found several vendors who claim to make many Lush 'dupes'. I've recently placed an order with Naturalynn for soap/bath bombs (bath bombs are only $1!!) & soapilyeverafter for a solid shampoo/conditioner. I've also been snooping on this shop - COUTUREBLONDE21 - the bath bombs she makes look incredible with names like gold digger, what lola wants, & red headed slut. 

Are you a Lush fan..??
Are you a shower/bath gal?


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