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I Dyed My Hair with Foam?!?!

Why yes I did!! A few weeks ago I mentioned seeing these foam hair dyes at the drugstore and I wondered how good they could really be. Well I can tell you that they are excellent!!

I used the L'oreal Sublime Mousse in Spicy Auburn Brown.

The package contains the usual contents of boxed hair dye + a pump for the foam. 

You pour the color into the developer and then you rotate the bottle instead of the usual shake you would use for regular liquid hair dye.

Before - I really just wanted to brighten my hair color a bit and do the roots.

After - I'm not sure if you can see the difference, but I can. My hair clearly has a reddish tint to it which I love!! I am so happy with the results.

-The foam is absolutely amazing!! I had my whole hair covered in dye in less that 5 minutes!! There was no sectioning a million times, just apply the foam like you would shampoo/conditioner.
-This smelled great!! No strong scent at all!!
-Super easy to use. I kept telling myself I must have done something wrong that's how easy it was.
-Did not irritate my scalp.
-Affordable - $10 at most drugstores
-Left my hair feeling really thick and soft.
-No mess!!! Since the foam stays where you put it you don't have to worry about the hair dye staining your eyes or hairline, unless you put it there.  =P

-The color range isn't very wide so you may not find the shade you are looking for.
-The formula is very gentle so if you are looking for a dramatic change I don't think this would work for you.

I will be buying this again!! I give this an A!!

With you give foam hair dye a try?


  1. Thanks for the review!  It was easy to follow and covered a topic I've been curious about.  I'm a subscriber now and look forward to more reviews from you. Thanks!!


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