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Hard Candy Undercover Agent

Hi Ladies!! Today I am continuing my reviews on the new Hard Candy products. Today's entry is all about my hate dislike for their newest concealer - Undercover Agent. This concealer contains two separate products - undereye brightener & a concealer. 
Let's see what Hard Candy has to say about this product first.

Your new secret weapon to disguising and preventing any undereye imperfections! It brightens your undereye area, reduces dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines, and conceals and covers for a perfect finish. Undercover Agent comes in three skin tone shades to blend seamlessly and softly into your undereye area.

The eye brightener is on top and the consistency reminds me of a gel lotion, it's very light & absorbs quickly.
A swatch of the concealer - I bought this in the darkest color tan.



-Affordable - under $10.
-The eye brightener is a great product and does help concealer apply more smoothly.
-The eye brightener reduces under eye puffiness.

-The product can be hard to find if you don't live near a Walmart.
-The concealer only comes in 3 colors - light, medium, & tan. This makes it difficult for you to find your color. I personally think the tan color is too light for me.
-The concealer creases in a matter of minutes.
-The concealer is very hard to work with and does not blend easily.

Overall - I am so disappointed in this concealer!! Normally I can find a way to 'work' with a product, but this concealer just frustrated me. It didn't seem to matter what I did before/after application (primer/setting powder) this concealer creased in minutes. I would not recommend this concealer to anyone, but I would consider buying this product again just for the eye brightener.

Have you tried this concealer?


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