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Who Doesn't Need a Lasso of Truth?

Good Morning Ladies!! This Tuesday I was supposed to go to the Wonder Woman release party at my local MAC store, but it was cancelled due to severe weather.  =(
Thankfully I ordered a few goodies online when the collection was released on Monday.

Now I know many of you aren't Wonder Woman fans, but I am! I remember having all the collectible things and always wanting to be her. I still plan on dressing up as Wonder Woman one year. ;)
Just to get those non Wonder Woman fans to see how awesome she is I decided to show you this picture I found that shows some her awesome abilities.

I mean really..who doesn't want/need a lasso of truth??? I Do!!! haha!!

Ok, enough of my geekdum. Here's what I picked up from the MAC Wonder Woman collection.
I'll begin with the packaging - I really don't have a problem with any of it, I think it remains true to the original Wonder Woman theme. However I do not like how cheaply my blush is put together, more on that later.

Mighty Aphrodite Blush, Lipglass in Emancipation, & Marquise d' lipstick.  I saw enough bad reviews on the eyeshadow palettes that I didn't bother to buy any of those, even though I really wanted the Defiance palette.

Emancipation, Marquise d', Mighty Aphrodite

A close up on the Mighty Aphrodite blush. The top color is beautiful and I simply adore it, the bottom color just does not appear that well. I tried very hard to swatch it, but that part of the blush is just too hard.
On another note: the gold part of this packaging feels really loose and flimsy, I do think at some point it will pop out. 

Marquise d' lipstick. This is a very pretty pink/nude color that I can see myself wearing daily.
 Emancipation lipglass. I love this color!! This is something else I can see myself wearing every day, I will be buying some backups of this!

I know a lot of people are overwhelmed with how much bigger this lipglass is compared to the others, but I'm not. I like that I'm getting more product! I will say that the only thing I don't like about this product is the stopper, I feel like it's too tight and you have to work really hard to get the applicator out.

Just so you have a better visual of how much bigger it is I decided to pull out some of the MAC lip products I currently own to compare it to.
Wonder Woman Emancipation, Cremesheen Gloss, & a Lipglass

 The difference in wand size.
 Swatches: Mighty Aphrodite Blush - The top color is the dark pink, the second color from the top is the light pink. 3rd from the top is Marquise d'. Bottom color is Emancipation lipglass.

And finally just to show you how difficult Mighty Aphrodite is to work with (the bottom portion anyway), these are my fingers after I swatched it. The color showed up on my fingers after I pressed down really hard, but it would not show up on my hand. 

Are you interested in anything from the Wonder Woman collection from MAC?


  1. Mighty Aphrodite looks really pretty as well as the lipstick. FOTD, please :)

  2. such a huge lipglass! hahaha! ^_^ i love the mighty aphrodite! & I wanna get spitfire lipstick ^_^

  3. Hey, by any chance would you be selling any of your collection?


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