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New Skin Care Items

Happy Monday!!

A few days ago I decided to change up my skin care routine a bit & I added these products to it. I was looking for products that would make my face look brighter and get rid/fade of my acne scars.

Vitacreme B12 & Laneige White Plus Renew Night Cream

Vitacreme B12 Regenerative Cream
It corrects the skin suffering from fatigue, dehydration, aging or dullness.
It enhances skin’s resilience and firmness.
It prevents premature wrinkling.
It smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles.
It reduces the appearance of visible pores.
It replenishes skin with moisture and nourishment.
It smoothes or alleviates new or old scars caused by acne or insect bites.
It soothes damaged skin caused by prolonged exposure to sun.
It helps cure chafing rash.
It comforts shaved skin.

Information from

LANEIGE White Plus Renew Night Cream works intensively while you are sleeping to give you radiant and clear skin by doubling the whitening effect of White Plus Renew Complex. Together with the white birch ingredient, it boosts skin metabolism and prevents pigmentation. Besides, it contains sugar apple to strengthen the water circulation function. As a result, it detoxifies your skin while removing melanin, leaving it brightened, luminous and supple. Information from

So far I am really liking the Laneige Night Cream, my skin feels really moisturized and soft after using.
My face is not a fan of the Vitacreme B12 (breakouts), but I will give this a try again after my face has had some time to adapt to the Laneige Night Creme. 

The Vitacreme B12 is currently on sale for $22 at, you can buy it here.
The Laneige Night Cream is on sale for $37.90, you can buy it here.

Have you tried either of these skin care items..?? If so, how have they worked for you? 


  1. wow! i woudl love to hear more about the b12 cream, i bought a sample but haven't tried it :)

    p.s. i'm quite surprised a westerner would pick Laneige skincare to try :P are you into asian skincare too?

  2. i've used the vit b12 cream. it works pretty well for me, i honestly don't see a decrease in wrinkles and all that jazz. it moisturizes and that's about it. oh yeah the old lady rose smell too. but its not enough for me in the winter months. it does make my skin softer though.

  3. I loved using the vitacreme last winter when my face would get eczema patches...I don't know about the wrinkles, but it did make my face feel more supple while I used it. It's too heavy for me to use in warmer weather though. The Laniege night cream looks interesting - I liked a few of their essences (serums) but haven't had a chance to pick them up again.


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