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My Perfect Imperfections

Don't you love these lovely YouTube stills.  ;)

So I know that this tag has been going around a lot in the YouTube world, but it has yet to catch on in the blogger world. I would like to change that.  =)

The tag: share 3 physical things that you dislike about yourself or feel are imperfect & 3 physically things you like about yourself or feel are perfect. The point of this tag isn't to look for pity or compliments, it's just to show that we are all human that have things that we like/dislike about ourselves.

I did the tag in video form, but I decided to type it out too. I do go into a bit more detail in the video.

My "Imperfections"
1.  My skin. It is super sensitive & most products make me break out or give me a rash. It also takes my skin a really long time to get rid of a pimple and acne scars - they linger!
2. I'm hairy. Straight up!! I shave all the damn time! No ladies that complain about shaving ONCE a week kill me. I would be a hairy beast if I only shaved once a week. TMI I know, but it's true!
3. My tummy. When I gain weight it all goes to my stomach, I gain weight out instead of sideways so I look preggers if I gain even 5 pounds.

My "Perfections"
1. My skin color. I am tan all year long without having to go into any scary tanning beds or using smelly sprays.
2. My eye color. My eyes range from a very dark brown to a really light brown. You can usually tell how I'm feeling based on my eye color - dark brown (sick, tired, or upset) & light brown (happy & hyper).
3. My legs. It doesn't matter how much weight I gain or lose my legs remain the same, they always look toned & defined despite the fact that I do NOT work on them at all.

I'm actually tagging people to do this too.


You sure..??


I tag..



  1. I gave you an award it's on my blog b/c it's not real.....

  2. lol damn you woman! guess this is going on my list of upcoming posts :)

    I know it's pricey, but the Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector might work to help fade your acne scars - my scars take forever to heal and using that stuff seriously helped. I used it all over my face to even out my skintone as well, but the bottle should last a while if you spot treat.

  3. lol I'm the same with the year long tan. Tan homies unite!


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