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My Christmas - Update

Hi Dolls!!
Warning: This post is not makeup/beauty related at all!!
I know my normal blogging has been a bit scarce lately. I've been busy with Christmas shopping, spending time with the family, watching movies with the hubby, & being snowed in!

Santa Crawl
2 weekends ago my friends & I did the Santa Crawl in Hoboken. The Santa Crawl is just a pub crawl dressed as Santa, classy I KNOW! We went last year too - blog entry.

Most of us decided to add a little flair to our costumes, since we're all hams in one way or another and like to be special. I went with a sock monkey hat since it's cute & warm. Sorry I just don't have it in me to be sexy Santa when it's 30 degrees out.

Here's a few pics of us being hams.

Building a Gingerbread House

On the 23rd the hubby & I stayed with my niece and nephew and we decided to build a gingerbread house. Uhm..apparently neither one of us had done this before because we had no idea how long this would take..haha! Overall there was a ton of sugar, collapsing walls, a snowman, & many laughs. Here are a few pictures of the process and the results.

We had to use Goya cans to keep the roof

Christmas Eve
For my family & I (and many other Spanish cultures) this is the night we celebrate by spending time together and having dinner. This year we had my grandma with us & Christmas Eve is also her birthday, so we cut a cake for her.

Isn't she freakin adorable..??

4 generations!

Following tradition hubby & I went out to dinner just us after dinner with our family. It's our way of spending time together during this crazy time of year. This year we went to Maggianos Italian restaurant, look how pretty the tree is!

Christmas Day - I have zero pictures from this day.  =(
Christmas Day was crazy!! Hubby & I woke up early to go to my mom's house & exchange gifts. Then the three of us went to my sister's house to exchange gifts & watch my niece and nephew enjoy their new games. He got the Michael Jackson experience & she got Just Dance - I so want to play them both!! lol  Then off we went to hubby's family to exchange gifts & have dinner. Finally we end the night with some of our best friends & family - having a few drinks & dancing to Spanish music at a local club.

This should have been the day I went back to work after the Christmas break, but mother nature had something else in mind. 2 feet of snow!!! Hubby & I stayed in all day & watched movies. Here's what my balcony looked like.

Crazy right?? I'm scared it's going to cave in!! The weather is currently FREEZING so I'm sure this 2 feet of snow will stay around for a while making everything a mess.

Overall it was a great weekend!!

How was your Christmas weekend??


  1. OMG, Hoboken? As in "Cake Boss" Hoboken? Thats AMAZING! Haha. I ALWAYS love your blog posts. & it shows that you had a grrrreat time :D

    Now youve inspired me to take tons of New Years picture :) :)

  2. I get lost looking at your photos. Thank you for sharing!!

    I want to join in your Santa Crawl!!!!

  3. omg thats SO much snow! but it looks like you had so much fun with your family and you look gorgeous of course! :) i spent xmas with the hubby's family it was definitely a lot more chill but i liked it :)

  4. @MissAntonia90 - Yes Hoboken like Cake It's about 10 minutes away from my house, but I've never been inside. There's always a HUGE line.

  5. your santa crawl looked like it was so much fun! and yes, cute/comfortable over sexy should always win in the middle of winter, haha. your grandma is so cute :) my family celebrates on Christmas Eve as well, which works out because MG's family celebrates Christmas Day. I think I'm glad I missed the snow - though it looks like NJ/NY got way more than Philly did, looking at what piled up on your balcony!


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