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Product Review: Maybelline Volum' Express the Falsies

I'm not very loyal when it comes to beauty products, except for when it comes to mascara. I will venture out and try new products, but I always return to my faithful L'oreal Voluminous or CoverGirl Lash Blast. This latest step out of line was for Maybelline The Falsies Mascara.
 I'm a sucker for packaging and this lovely fuchsia color is really what made me pick it up.

Here's a close up of the wand. The wand is slightly curved and the bristles have some space in between them.

Now according to Maybelline this mascara is supposed to: provide the look of 300% more lashes.

Let's see how it works for me.

Bare lashes

Two coats
I do have to say that I do like this mascara. I like how it separates my lashes and adds some volume to them.

-Doesn't clump.
-Bent wand makes coating all of your lashes easier.
-Affordable & easy to find since it is sold at most drugstores.
-Adds noticeable volume to your lashes.
-Stays on all day, no smudging.

-I can't seem to get this off!! No seriously!! It doesn't seem to matter what method of removal I use (several at once) I always seem to wake up with lovely raccoon eyes. To Maybelline's defense I did buy the Waterproof formula by mistake.

I really like this mascara and I think it's a great every day mascara, but I personally don't think it gives my lashes the 'wow' factor that the L'oreal Voluminous & CG Lash Blast do. However I may think differently about this mascara if I hadn't bought the waterproof formula, I'm afraid to keep adding more coats since I have a hard enough time removing 2 coats. I may consider giving the non waterproof a try soon.

Have you tried this mascara? If so, what do you think of it?


  1. It made a huge difference on your lashes! I've been happy with The Colossal and Clinique Lash Power but your post made me want to try it. :P

  2. i haven't tried this yet but i want to! i wanna try that millionaire mascara too LOL but girl you have thick lashes WITHOUT mascara! and idk if you tried it but baby shampoo takes off EVERYTHING for me :)

  3. I have it, and am in love with it. I have the waterproof too, but I don't have issues removing it. I always remove my eye makeup with jojoba oil followed by my regular cleanser. I never have raccoon eyes the next morning.

  4. wow, that hard to remove? Majo Majo mascara is probably the toughest mascara that I have and it (eventually) breaks down with cleansing oil...I'm intrigued! lash blast & voluminous are my two favorites though, with lash blast fusion coming in 3rd

  5. This totally clumps on me (but I have to say that I won,t stop until I have built up 2 coats LOL) but I have absolutely no problem when it comes to removing it. Strange...


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