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Product Review: Big Sexy Hair Spritz & Stay

Big Sexy Hair Spritz & Stay

Non-Aerosol, Intense Hold Hairspray
With an intense hold and a fast-drying formula, Sexy Hair Concepts Big Sexy Spritz & Stay provides you with all the benefits of a great aerosol hairspray, without the aerosol! The formula protects hair from humidity and harmful UV rays while enhancing shine and providing conditioning qualities. A specialized spray nozzle allows for lightweight and even application or for precise, concentrated application in a specific area- whichever you need to achieve the style you desire.

  • Non-aerosol hairspray

  • For all hair types

  • Intense hold

  • Fast drying

  • Enhances shine

  • Conditions hair

  • Humidity resistant

  • Protects against UV damage

  •  Information is from the Sexy Hair website. Sexy Hair did send me this product to review, I am NOT being compensated for this review. This is my own personal opinion.

    -This hairspray seems to dry the minute you spray it on your hair, there's zero wait time.
    -Your hair will NOT budge when you use this product, at all! 
    -The finish after it dries is shiny & doesn't leave the dull flat look that a lot of hairsprays do.
    -There are zero flakes or white residue on your hair after using this product.
    -The smell of this is amazing!  I wish I could describe it, but I'm just not good with that stuff.  It doesn't smell like hairspray or like alcohol at ALL.

    -I've seen the price of this product range from $11-$17, this can be quite expensive for a hairspray.
    -You cannot brush this product out without damaging your hair (this is serious hold people), so you do have to wash your hair after you use this product.

    I really like this hairspray! Since I have short hair now I find that updos and ponytails can be tricky since I always seem to have a piece of hair that is shorter that the others and always manages to fall out; that is not a problem when I use this hairspray! I would recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a strong hold hairspray that lasts all day.

    Here's a random picture of Dom smelling the bottle. He likes the smell too!

    What's your favorite strong hold hairspray?


    1. This sounds great but i avoid big hair fings coz i am scared of letting my bush head out :(

    2. oh yes my fave strong hold hair spray is defo Kao Cape strong hair spray because sprays here smell iffy and that is fragrance free.

    3. I have to keep this product info stored. I always look at hairspray but never buy it bc I'm really bad at doing my hair and hate product build-up feeling, but I'm sure I'll be needing it for the holidays.

    4. Great review! I haven't found a hairspray that doesn't smell like alcohol yet, I'll have to try this!


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