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My Skin Care Routine (night)

Good Morning Ladies!!

A few weeks ago Pam shared with us her favorite skin care items for night time (watch her video here) & I decided to add a few of those items to my routine too, a few of them already had a permanent place in my collection. I decided that it's been a little while since I've shared with you what I've been using on my face so here it goes..

-Elf Makeup Remover Wipes - You can buy these at Target & here. (not shown in picture). I use these to remove all of my face makeup when I get home from work.
-Mandom Cleansing Express - You can buy this at Mitsuwa.  I use this to remove my eye makeup.
-Shiseido Perfect Oil - You can buy this at H-mart or Mitsuwa. I use this on days I have heavy makeup on or when I didn't use my ELF makeup remover wipes to take off my face makeup.
-Shiseido Perfect Milk - You can buy this at H-mart or Mitsuwa. I use this to cleanse my face.
-Garnier Refreshing Gel Cream - You can buy this at most drugstores.  I think this is a great cream for night since it is a gel it feels really light, but it's great at locking the moisture into your skin.
-Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra Lift Eye Cream - You can buy this at most drugstores. This is still a fairly new product to me so I can't say that I've seen a major difference using it, but I like it so far. 
-Elf Blemish Kit - I've only seen this on the ELF website, you can buy this here. The main ingredient in this is sulfur and I notice a reduction in my pimple overnight after using this product. I would say it's best to cystic acne, I haven't had great results on other types of pimples when I've used this.
-Clarisonic Mia - You can buy this at several places, including here. I use this every other night to exfoliate my skin, I've reviewed this here.

The video goes into detail on the products & I also show you how I use them (demo).

Do you use any of these products..?? What's your skin care routine like at night??


  1. I want a Clarisonic so bad!

    I have good luck with the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, which also has sulfur in it.

  2. i want mandom!! and i'm thinking about getting the clarisonic mia! Im gonna go reread your review to see if i should LOL and i'll totally watch your vid later since im at work haha

  3. Why do you use 2 different cleansers? I looked both of the Shiseido products up and to me they look like they do the same thing. Just curious, looks interesting to me.

  4. @Becky-The cleansing oil has mineral oil in it & I like to wash that off since I am allergic to it. The oil removes my makeup, the cleanser cleans my face.


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