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My Skin Care Routine (night)

Good Morning Ladies!!

A few weeks ago Pam shared with us her favorite skin care items for night time (watch her video here) & I decided to add a few of those items to my routine too, a few of them already had a permanent place in my collection. I decided that it's been a little while since I've shared with you what I've been using on my face so here it goes..

-Elf Makeup Remover Wipes - You can buy these at Target & here. (not shown in picture). I use these to remove all of my face makeup when I get home from work.
-Mandom Cleansing Express - You can buy this at Mitsuwa.  I use this to remove my eye makeup.
-Shiseido Perfect Oil - You can buy this at H-mart or Mitsuwa. I use this on days I have heavy makeup on or when I didn't use my ELF makeup remover wipes to take off my face makeup.
-Shiseido Perfect Milk - You can buy this at H-mart or Mitsuwa. I use this to cleanse my face.
-Garnier Refreshing Gel Cream - You can buy this at most drugstores.  I think this is a great cream for night since it is a gel it feels really light, but it's great at locking the moisture into your skin.
-Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra Lift Eye Cream - You can buy this at most drugstores. This is still a fairly new product to me so I can't say that I've seen a major difference using it, but I like it so far. 
-Elf Blemish Kit - I've only seen this on the ELF website, you can buy this here. The main ingredient in this is sulfur and I notice a reduction in my pimple overnight after using this product. I would say it's best to cystic acne, I haven't had great results on other types of pimples when I've used this.
-Clarisonic Mia - You can buy this at several places, including here. I use this every other night to exfoliate my skin, I've reviewed this here.

The video goes into detail on the products & I also show you how I use them (demo).

Do you use any of these products..?? What's your skin care routine like at night??


  1. I want a Clarisonic so bad!

    I have good luck with the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, which also has sulfur in it.

  2. Consistency will always be the best way to achieve great results. No immediate result can be achieved overnight Eye Cream Reviews

  3. i want mandom!! and i'm thinking about getting the clarisonic mia! Im gonna go reread your review to see if i should LOL and i'll totally watch your vid later since im at work haha

  4. Why do you use 2 different cleansers? I looked both of the Shiseido products up and to me they look like they do the same thing. Just curious, looks interesting to me.

  5. @Becky-The cleansing oil has mineral oil in it & I like to wash that off since I am allergic to it. The oil removes my makeup, the cleanser cleans my face.


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