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Let's Go to Chinatown on a Starry Night

Hi ladies!!
It's raining like crazy here and there is currently a BOAT outside on the street by my office. TRUE STORY!! I keep trying to take a picture, but it's just too dark. I'm singing 'row, row, row your boat' as he puts up barricades.   =)

On to the beauty part - I just wanted to share a quick NOTD using the nail polishes I just showed you yesterday.

Correction to yesterday's post - the navy nail polish is actually called Chinatown, not the Village. opps!!

NYC Nail Polishes in Chinatown and Starry Night Glitter

I combined the two polishes. I'm not sure why, but lately I haven't been able to wear just a single nail polish color. I keep feeling the need to mix things together, I always regret it when it's time to remove the polish though. haha!

I'm sorry the pictures aren't the greatest, but with this glitter it was SUPER hard to photograph properly.

I can say that looking down at my super sparkly nails on such a gloomy day really does put a smile on my face.  Notice the umbrella in the top right corner..??

I hope you all have a great weekend!! Just to make sure you do, here's a little something I found inspiring.


  1. I need that quote painted on my wall. I called you last night, but I didn't leave a message. I'm such a werido.

  2. Love the glitters! And that quote... I *try to* swear by it (=


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