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My Purse Collection

Here's a little peek at my purse collection. I actually do show a few MORE purses if you watch the video above. I'm one of those people that will NOT buy a bag unless I love it & I mean LOVE. Therefore you will notice that I mention loving all of these bags

So here we go..

My Forever 21 Purses!!

I use this bag for work a lot!! It may be retired soon since I just bought a new black bag.

 I really am in love with the color of this bag! I can't wait to wear this with my new BR trench chic!

This bag reminds me of something my grandmother would have worn, for that reason alone I love it.
The only thing I dislike I dislike about this bag is that the shoulder strap is very long!! If I wear it as is the bag hits me at my knee and that just looks silly, so I loop the strap over my shoulder twice.

*Higher End Bags
*The only reason I feel the need to classify these as higher end bags is because a lot of people will certainly say something about the price. Since my name is NotARichGirl people take the name very seriously and feel like I shouldn't own anything that's higher end..false!

My in laws bought me this bag & I love it!! It's so simple & the color is different, yet I find that it goes with a lot of outfits.

Michael Kors
My new love!! Hubby just bought this for me at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago & I haven't used another bag since. The color is more fuchsia in person.

Michael Kors
My Twitter followers may remember the story behind this purse.  ;)
I use this bag for work a lot, it holds a LOT!! 

My love.!! I haven't even taken the tags off of her yet, but I am in love!! This is my first piece from L.A.M.B. & I love it. I know I will have this bag for many years to come!! I bought this bag for 65% off from

Tell me about your purse collection!


  1. I love your collection! We have such similar tastes!

  2. i love your collection! :)
    i have the most random purses in mine...

  3. I love the more fuschia Kors bag!!!

    My bag collection is hardly a collection more of a junk heap apart from my newest one BUT I do have my eye on a boxy vintage bag.....might sneakily get it while Hiro is having his hair cut today!! shhhhhh


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