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Is Somebody Gonna Match My Freak? | #makeuplover #ulta

Updated - Makeup Storage & Violet Vixen FOTD

Sometimes you just need to reorganize things, well at least I do. I get very frustrated by lots of clutter and junk..some may call makeup clutter & junk..obviously I don't & I would assume YOU don't either since you are reading this.  ;)

So the other day I decided I needed a new way to store my makeup because I hated seeing all of it through my glass vanity..I dunno just irks me.

The hubby bought me this pretty baby so I can organize my makeup.
I am completely in love with it!!
Everything fits perfectly and it helps me feel super organized!
You can buy your own at Office Depot, or you can buy it at - here.

 Violet Vixen

Here's a closer look at the makeup I was wearing in this video..

-Maybelline 24 Hour Foundation
-Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Powder
-MAC By Candlelight
-ELF Berry Merry Blush

-NYX Junmbo Pencil in Milk
-Sally Girl Mini Baked Eye Shadow in Purple
-Sally Girl Sparkle Effect Loose Glitter Violet Vixen
-L'oreal Linear Intense Liquid Liner pencil (waterline)
-CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara in Very Black
-MAC lipgloss in She Loves Candy 

Thanks for reading!!  <3


  1. You OWN brights! Violenty violent is soooooo perfect on you.

    The storage is brilliant. I need to think about such things if and ever we move.

  2. I love love love your new storage container. Purple looks amazing on you. I'm a new follower and I love your blog.

  3. I love your makeup drawer. I've been looking for one just like it but I want the one with 2 columns, even though I probably don't even need that much space! haha.

    & love LOVE your makeup! So bright and shimmery. Gorgeous color. :)

  4. Love the different shades of pink on it!

  5. wowza that color looks great on you!
    I love your new storage! I much prefer big drawers for mu instead of the lil 3 drawers case things.

  6. I <3 how affordable this eye look is..i would have never have known it was Sally shadows!

  7. I love your makeup in this video! How do you like the sally glitter? I've been wanting to try it for a while now. Does it stick well to you lids? your storage container is so cute! Love all the pink! ahh I think I want the naked palette now!

  8. Hello I would like to know what the tone of your foundation in the brand Physician's Formula because I'm in Mexico and I have no way to prove the tones available, and my skin tone is similar to yours so appreciate if you please give me the name and number of colors you wear thanks and congratulations on your wonderful advices


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