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Product Rant:Clairol Nice'n Easy Root Touch Up

Ok, I must begin by saying..I HATE THIS PRODUCT! It's rare that I HATE a product, I can usually find a way to make it work..nope! Not with this. The thumbnail for this video describes my hate for this

Picture from

-The brush that this comes with does make it easy for you to apply.

-Does not DYE your roots. My roots stayed the same freakin color!! It's been MONTHS since I've dyed my hair so this virgin hair should have been a snap to color.
-Takes forever to rinse out, I was rinsing for at least 30 minutes and I didn't get it all out.
-The box does not have a conditioner in it..wth?? I know you're not dying your ends which is what tends to need the conditioner, but it stills runs down your ends as you rinse it off.
-This product irritated my scalp, I kept scratching the next day..eww
-Barely contains enough product to cover your hairline and part.


On a side note: The hubby has a business trip this week and I'm going to tag along. I'm not sure what that means for this blog or my YT channel - if the area is boring then I'll be updating a ton, if there's lots to do then I will be back next week!

Happy Monday!!


  1. That is a shame you don't like it. I have been using it since it came out and like it. I bought the new one from Loreal to test also.


  2. that sucks that it didn't live up to its claims - I've mainly used L'Oreal dye for coloring my hair since my hair is really stubborn about picking up color, but the past couple of dye jobs I've just picked stuff up from Sally Beauty Supply.

    can't wait to meet up with you this week! if you get really bored during the day/if it's too gross out to walk around, I think the Borders store on South Broad has free wifi :)


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