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City of Brotherly Love

So I was in the city of Brotherly Love (Philly) for a few days with my hubby on a business trip. We took a lot more pictures than I realized so I will let them do the talking.  =)

I really didn't visit any historical sites because it was 90 degrees every day I was there with 90% humidity!! It was absolutely gross!!! And you have to walk everywhere so I decided to stay close to the hotel and see what was around there...

Day 1

We stayed at the..

This was the view. I honestly didn't realize how artsy Philly was till this visit. There were many theaters, museums, musicians, and murals. It reminded me a lot of NYC, just not as overwhelming.

When the hubby was not in meetings we walked around the city at night taking pictures of ourselves and the amazing buildings we saw..

This was a random 'photo op' and we had to jump in to participate.

I'm making a wish!

Day 2

 I met up with Diana and we had some amazing pizza and conversation. Actually it was so good that we didn't take ANY pictures..opps!! Bad bloggers!!
D - Thank you so much for meeting up with me and telling me all the good places to go to. =)
I did manage to take a picture of the outside before we ate. The pizza was amazing!!

 I also did a little shopping at a local mall since the weather was still unbearable & it looked like it could rain at any minute. The video below shows you all the goodies I hauled.  =)

Day 3

We had to sample some of the more famous cheese steaks in Philly..especially since it's what they're known for..

First we went to..

Not worth the hype at all.  =(

Next we went to..

This was better!! Not great, but decent. The meat tasted like a White Castle burger to

To finish our trip in Philly we went to...

I think she's been around for a while..

This was awesome!! It's like they're marching right at me.

As we left Philly we decided to go to Parx casino and look what slot machine they had..

A Sex in the City slot machine!! It showed random clips of the movie and it had a ton of bonus features, this was so fun to play!!

That was my trip to Philly...I hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

I'll be back soon with a small giveaway. Have a great weekend!


  1. Awww...glad you had a great time!! Everything looks lovely there! ^^

  2. aww!
    seems like you had soooo much fun :D

  3. lol. i see you went to both cheesesteak places. you should try tony luke's too, then again they weren't very friendly to us, cause we rolled on up with our NY plates. damn philly be hating on NY! what's up with that?

  4. awe! great pic of you and hubby! haha! couldnt stay away from MU huh!

  5. I love these posts from you! I like seeing what catches your eye.

    RANDOM PHOTO OP pics are fantastic!! MORE MORE MORE!!

  6. there's another cheesesteak place on south street that's supposed to be really good...might have to torment MG and get one the next time we walk around South St :)

  7. great philly trip! i used to stay going there. i'll def have to try that pizza shop next trip!


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