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I Pity the Fool

So when I'm home alone I like to turn on the music, put on some makeup, & turn into a camera whore.  ;)

This blog entry is a result of that...

There's a FOTD, some new bling rings, new sunnies, & a fedora...

I really went crazy snapping away & I didn't want to bore you too much so I made a few collages to clear up some of the picture clutter.


-Sonia Kashuk Radiant Tinted Moisturizer
-Mineral Wear Physicians Formula Powder
-NYC Bronzer in Sunny
-MAC Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl as a highlight.

-Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette - Oraculum (lid), Absolem (crease), White Rabbit (highlight).
-L'oreal Intense Liquid liner.
-L'oreal Linear Intense Liquid Liner pencil (waterline).
-CoverGirl Lash Blast in Very Black.

-ELF Minty Lipgloss in Miami

After  I was done camera whoring & showing off the makeup I decided to take pictures of my new accessories that I bought from Charlotte Russe.

New shades..I love that they have a little hint of purple on the side.

New rings! I love each and every one of these rings!!! I think the Elephant one may be my favorite though..

Bottom right is my Mr. T pose...I pity the fool!!

And on to my FAVORITE purchase..a fedora!!!
Ever since Yasumi started featuring her fedora on her blog I KNEW I needed one of my own..
Something about this style of hat reminds me of my grandfather & I adore it!!

My new favorite picture!! I know it's blurry, but I love it!!!

Well that's all for now ladies!!

What are you plans for the weekend..??? I plan on seeing the A-Team...yummy Bradley Cooper!!!  ;)



  1. I LOVE your eye make up! I used to be such a camera whore! I think I need to do one those sessions too! Love love love all the accessories you got!

  2. Nice pics and I love the fedora! I so need to get one for the summer. Have you reviewed the Sonia Kashuk Radiant Tinted Moisturizer? I would like to see one if you have time. Thanks

  3. love the look and all your stuff! where'd u get the rings from?

  4. Keep up the camwhore action! I love it! You look SEXY in them rings & your new hat!! Whooo shades!!! Tammy is a style stunna!

  5. love al the pictures! haha the things we do when we're alone :P lol love all your rings, specially the blue one!

  6. your skin is all gorgeous & glowy in these pics! ihateyou =P kidding! love the fedora and your turquoise ring!

  7. love your rings, especially the coral one! where's it from?


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