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Tag - Getting to Know You

I was tagged by Mel for the Getting to Know You tag. I'm pretty sure I did something similar to this before, but what the heck...   ;)

Things I’m passionate about
-Reading seriously!! Our friends have taken to calling napping as "taking a (insert my last name here)" because we do it that

-My hubby
-My family/friends
-Keeping a positive mindset

Things I’d like to do before I die

-Have a baby
-Write a book, it doesn't HAVE to be published...that would be nice though.
-Find a career I love.
-Read my poetry aloud to a random group of people.
-Quit my job & take a long, long, long vacation somewhere with minimal eletricity.

Things I say often
-I need a nap.
-We really should go to sleep earlier.
-Dommie Dom!
-If you say so...  <--At work A LOT!

Books I’ve recently read
I've been really bad about finishing books lately, I've picked up several & just didn't bother to finish them. The two I'm currently reading are:
-The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
-It's Your Time by Joel Osteen

Songs I could listen to over and over
-Anything by Gwen Stefani

-Clocks by Coldplay
-Ordinary People by John Legend
-I Want You by Common

Traits I’m attracted to in my best friends
-Good sense of humor.
-Willingness to try new things.

I'm tagging..

Old Cow - She NEVER does tags..

And the following ladies because they need to blog more..
Kendall - I know Mel tagged you, do the damn tag woman!!   =P


  1. *throws a feather pillow at you*

    You tagged me!! OK since it is you- I shall accept this tag!


  2. What I need to blog more?! LOL! I've done 2 this week already! LOL!

    I'm serious about sleeping too! ANd how cool, I didn't know you were a writer! Very nice ambitions!

    LOL I love these random cat caption pics too!

  3. I like tags like these! I really want to read the Alchemist, it's been on my must read list for awhile.

  4. napping is bliss :) (great pic you used too)

    i'm curious about "boobah" - what does it mean?

  5. I forgot about sleeping..I loooove sleeping lol


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~Mother Teresa~

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