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Yes, you CAN wear Black & Brown Together! - OOTD

Edit: I appreciate all of the lovely comments you ladies leave me, in an effort to show my appreciation I have been replying to your comments. So if you've left me a comment or asked a ? recently make sure to go back to that blog entry & see my reply. Thank you, I appreciate all of the love. *hugs* 

So I've never been one of those people to follow fashion rules. I wear what I like & sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn't. Trust me I have plenty of "Oh God, why did I wear that..?? That didn't work!" If you follow me on twitter I recently posted a few pictures of looks that didn't work. Embarrassing!! lol

Here's another lovely view of the apartment complex I live in.

This is my first time wearing this blazer, I've had it in my closet for over a year and it was just collecting dust. I really like this blazer, but I can't figure out how to keep the lapel down-my steamer just isn't doing the trick.  

A close up of the jewels I'm wearing. My earrings are from Cady Nation, I will be doing a blog entry soon on my recent purchase from there. My owl necklace is from Forever 21, I have a thing for owls..I just can't resist buying owl jewelry thingies..

My boots!! I'm currently loving these boots, but they just don't get enough attention from me. I love that they're pointy, slouchy, & have a nice heel. I don't get to wear them too much though because I have to wear them tucked into pants. I have to wear MOST of my boots tucked into pants, my legs are REALLY skinny and when I wear boots alone it looks crazy - all
see the gap?? chicken

Blazer-Mandee's $20, Jeans-Charlotte Russe $25, Shirt-Sears $10, Boots-Mandee's $20, Earrings-Cady Nation, Necklace-Forever21.

That's all for you wear brown and black together..??


  1. look super! Very "in charge", does that make sense?

    I like black and brown together. What I dont like is RED AND PURPLE ayyyyy

  2. Those boots are sooooo cute! Love them!

  3. Cute outfit! (: I wear black & brown all the time :X hehehe

  4. Very classic chic to me! Love the tenshas paired with the owl! Statement pieces! It's all about the statement pieces!

  5. I wear brown and black together when I'm in the mood. No sensible person would follow Fashion at all times. Excellent look by the way.
    And I agree with Old Cow, Red and Purple is not a very fetching combination.

  6. @Jamilla - Thank you. =)

    @Old Cow - I think it's the way I'm standing that makes me look 'in charge' So I have a dress that has purple & red flowers, but the background is that ok..?? I think the dress is cute, but I haven't worn it yet.

    @Catherine - Thank you. =)

    @Tina Marie Thank you. Yay another fashion rebel. ;)

    @wuzzyangel Exactly..I can wear a simple white shirt, but as long as I'm wearing a piece of schmancy jewelry I feel purdy..

    @Fashion, Art Yeah 'rules' are meant to be broken! =)

  7. nice outfit - I said it earlier but I love the boots! I can never seem to find slouchy boots that look right.

    hmm...maybe you need to take your blazer to a dry cleaner, so they can steam that lapel into submission? you could always add a brooch or a pin to try and weigh it down a bit - easy way to add a cute statement to your outfit as well!

  8. @Mayaari That's it!! I'm gonna pin that sucker Thanks for the idea.

  9. @Makeup On A Budget, MischieviousMack, Yummy411 Thank you ladies!! <3

  10. I wear brown and black together when I am in the mood. No sensible person would follow Fashion at all times. Excellent look by the way.I like black and brown together.Thanks for the site.

  11. @Discounted Cosmetics - Thank you!! It's fun to break the 'rules' sometimes.

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