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Product Review: Cibu Spring Roll Products

Hi Ladies!! I'm sure you all know that I am a Cibu fanatic!! When a new product comes out I must have it!! This line came out last summer I believe & I held off on buying it, I really have NO idea why I waited so long because I LOVE it!

This entire line smells like Fruit Stripe gum, it's not an overwhelming scent, but a light sweet scent.

Spring Roll Hydrating Cleanser - Paraben & Sulfate Free
I have to be honest when I read that this was sulfate free I was kind of bummed. I don't know why, but I NEED bubbles when I wash my hair & most sulfate free products do not produce bubbles. This product does!! It's not a ton, but it's enough for you to feel as if your hair is feeling clean.

Spring Roll Hydrating Masque
I LOVE THIS! L.O.V.E.!! This product was my lifesaver when I desperately needed a haircut, it makes my hair super soft & it makes it frizz free. The directions say to leave it on for 10 minutes, but I only leave it on for 5 minutes and it still does a great job. Tangles are never an issue when I use this product. I feel like this product brings my hair 'back to life' after I abuse it too much with heat styling.

Spring Roll Soft Curl Gel
I honestly have no idea when was the last time I used gel before this product. I remember being obsessed with gels when I was younger & I was also so disappointed with the outcome. Crunchy hair with white residue left behind is NOT cute. That is not the case with this gel, it's a light/medium hold gel that keeps your hair in place. It's really great for shaping your waves/curls AND for up-dos, this is the only styling product I'm using in the video above.

Spring Roll Shaping Creme
My FAVORITE product of this line, it may even be my favorite hair care product ever (Pho Finish, Miso Knotty, & Ancient Serum don't be jealous!!  btw all of those are Cibu products   All my favorite styling products are Cibu PERIOD!)
I swear this product was made just for MY hair. This product shapes and defines my waves without making my hair hard or weighed down. It's also really amazing for frizz. Usually by day 2 of wearing my hair in its natural state my hair is a big ball of frizz/knots & it starts to resemble a birds nest--but NOT when I use this. Day 2 hair looks just as good as day 1 hair!!

The picture below is the result of me using the cleanser, masque, a quarter size amount of the gel and creme, and just letting my hair air dry. No frizz & waves.  (Yes my hair is ODD, I have pieces of my hair that are completely straight all the time. I usually use a curling iron on these pieces of hair.)

Please note: These products are for everyone!! You don't need wavy/curly hair to use these products, those with straight can use these products to achieve a wavy/curl look. In all honesty I use these products even when I DON'T wear my hair wavy, because it always leaves my hair feeling so soft & it smells so GOOD!

You can buy your own Cibu at


  1. Thanks for the review! I've got wavy hair, and it can be a challenge sometimes!

  2. Cibu Spring Roll was, in fact, made for you my friend;) Thanks for the great review and for being such a loyal Cibu lover! xoxo jenn

  3. My hair does that too!! My top layers will wave and my bottom layers will be stick straight.

  4. LOL Great review Tammy! I love how you love this brand so much. It really makes it more interesting!

  5. awesome review - that hair masque looks interesting! I need something like that after all the heat styling/hair coloring I do to my hair, haha...though I'm using their Geishalicious shampoo & Hue Nu conditioner to help keep my color a little longer.

    hmm...I wonder if those products would have any effect on my uber-straight hair other than making it smell good, haha


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