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A Little Off of the Top Please

Hi Ladies!!

I know I've been a bit MIA, but I really haven't felt like myself & I just haven't felt like blogging. Sorry!!  =(

Yesterday I went & got a haircut, it's not anything major just cut off 2 inches, added some bangs, & cleaned up the layers. This summer I plan on donating my hair to locks of love so I'm trying to keep it longish for now. I can't wait for summer to come so I can get something cute & edgy.  =)

I used to be such a hair cutting & dying fanatic...I had a new look every month. I think I've mellowed out from that phase.

Here's what my hair looks like now..

The back.  I wanted to give you an idea of how long the back is now.

I like it, it feels lighter & it has a lot of body now.
When's the last time you got a haircut..??


  1. I like it! It's very chic and lady-like!

  2. i love the side view, it's so cute!

  3. Luv ur hair! Makes me wanna cut mine but I can't LOL... where'd u go?

  4. I love the side bangs..God I want your hair lol

  5. Very nice tammy! It looks very clean and professional! Love the way it frames your face!

    Reminds me.. I should get a trim at least soon! LOL!

  6. Very pretty! I don't have the best luck with haircuts so it's been awhile but I need to soon!

  7. cute cut! i really need to get my hair done, last time was in early December!

  8. cute new 'do to tide you over until you can chop it off for locks of love :) I know what you mean about wanting to do different things with your hair - I used to dye my hair pretty frequently, but now it's just 1-2x a year, and typically black dye...but I miss having a reddish tint to it...and some days I totally want to chop my hair off!

  9. How cute does your hair look! I love it!!!


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