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Sheet Mask time!

I use a sheet mask least 2-3 times per week, they're an essential part of my skincare routine. These are some of the more recent face masks I've tried. In my opinion you either like a mask or you don't, there's really no middle ground. I don't really feel like I can go into great detail about how these masks work because you don't leave them on your face for a long time & I often don't use the same one twice in one week. I will provide you with my quickie reviews & what I use them for. So far I've never had any bad reactions to a sheet mask.

For those of you that don't know a sheet mask is a sheet of soft paper/cotton cut in the form of a mask soaked in different types of nutrients and ingredients. These masks are intended for one time use.

General directions for most sheet masks - Place mask on cleansed and toned face. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and then peel off. Gently massage until all remaining beauty lotion is absorbed.

My Beauty Diary

Sake Yeast Mask
My Beauty Diary Sake Yeast Mask is enriched with Sake Yeast Extract, which works to boost metabolism and skin renewal by increasing temperature of skin surface. Collagen, the principal element for cuticle renewal, is added to provide skin with necessary nutrients.

Cactus extract containing Flavonoids, Polysaccharides and amino acid helps hydrating skin, while Grapefruit Extract controls sebum secretion, and Algae Extract helps improving metabolism.

I have to begin with the smell on this, it does slightly smell of liquor, you do get used to the smell after you have this mask on your face for a few minutes though. My skin felt balanced after using this, not too oily & not too dry. I can't say I saw any major differences when using this, but I did enjoy that this mask stayed moist & cool for the entire 25 minutes I had it on. Very relaxing. I've only used this mask one time.

Missha Face Mask

Purifying Sheet Mask - Acerola
Add glow with this vitamin-enriched Acerola mask sheet. Skin is illuminated and bright after 1 use.

This is my go to sheet mask when I'm going out. It gives my face a really pretty glow & I barely have to apply a highlighter after I use this. I've used this mask several times.

The Face Shop Masks

Essential Pearl Mask Sheet
Whitening Formulated with Pearl a precious stone rich in calcium this mask sheet clarifies whitens and illuminates lackluster skin.

I love using this mask when I have major break out or when I feel like I'm about to. I feel like the inflammation & irritation go down immediately. I won't say that this mask makes your pimples disappear, but it does soothe & calm the skin. I've used this mask several times.

Fresh Fruit Aloe Mask Sheet
Aloe soothes and heals damaged skin. Great for sun burn skin irritation.

The packaging says that this mask is great for sun burned skin, but I actually use it for wind burned skin. I use this mask on days that I've spent a lot of time out in the cold. I feel like it soothes the wind burn & restores the lost moisture from the cold. I've used this mask several times.

Vita-K Mask Sheet
Vitamin K --> purifies the skin and helps reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Bloated, tired, sleepy, hungover..?? I use this mask when I feel any of  It reduces the puffiness all over my face & stays cool the whole time, which is really relaxing. I've also noticed that this is great for when your skin looks blotchy. I've used this several times.

Teatree & Bergamot - Clarifying Mask Sheet
Tea Tree & Bergamot are excellent for oily acne-prone skin as having strong sebum controlling.

I can't say I saw any difference when using this mask. My face did feel a bit drier, but nothing that a good toner couldn't have done too. This does smell pretty, but that's pretty much it. I've used this mask 1 time.

What are your favorite sheet masks?? Have you ever used a sheet mask??

FTC Disclaimer-I purchased these items myself or I received them from another blogger.


  1. Great review on sheet masks. :D I've tried a couple, TFS Pearl one that you mentioned, My Beauty Diary and few other brands. Sadly, I don't really notice a difference with sheet masks, maybe it's the lighting in my restroom. :\

    I do, however, love the Skinfood wash-off masks, especially the rice one! I may try their sheet mask one day. ^^~

  2. Thank you for the info on these sheet masks! I've only tried kracie sheet masks and really loved them but after this post I'm so trying these brands! :)

  3. try the face shop collagen and hyaluronic acid sheet masks, i love them!

  4. I love these reviews! I friggin LOOOVE the pearl one! I'm dying to try My Beauty Diary..when I get a job it's on my list lol

  5. sheet masks! i use the face shop ones cause there's one in queens where i can easily get them. course they're a bit biatchy towards me cause i didn't want to be the $30 pack.

    I've always wanted to try the my beauty dairy ones. and the skin foods one since they make great bb cream!

  6. I really like that Face Shop Pearl one too! :) And all the MBD ones I've tried are heaven too!

    Sheet masks are love! I need to do more! I just always forget to wash my face when I get home to do them! LOL!

  7. ooh, i'll have to save the one you sent me :) i think i've gotten used to the sake scent after using them a few times now...i know i need to get more of the yogurt ones soon!


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