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See What Happens When I'm Bored!!

I shop!!! lol

I was walking through Target the other day & I saw this on the Clearance section...

The ELF Beauty Encyclopedia for only $3.50!!
12 eyeshadows, 2 cream eyeshadows, 1 eyeliner, & 1 double sided eyeshadow brush.

It even has simple to follow instructions with how to apply the eyeshadows.

A closeup of the colors..pretty right..?? They're quite pigmented too!

I also shop online when I'm bored too. haha!!
Here's what I hauled from

I really wanted to try the Nexcare Acne patches because I had heard so many great things about them from Pam  & Diana. I also bought some sheet masks from VOV & some gel eye patches.

What do you buy when you're bored..?


  1. Glad to see you finally got your sasa order. I love sasa I just hate having to wait so darn long to get the package. =)

    I have been wanting to try those VOV masks the coal and the cerel one. I think I'm going to order them on gmarket though. Tell us how you like them.


  2. I AM THE SAME!! Boredom = online shopping. I cannot wait for your reviews!!!

  3. SCOOORRRRRE!!! i love when target clearance!

  4. Hahaha, I'm like you. I shop when I'm bored too! Online or at the drugstore, or at Sephora on my way home from school/work!

  5. Target is the best!! I actually stocked up on eyelash curlers. (70 cents) I also got a couple of the of the encyclopedias to give out.

    Oh I want to know what you think about the VOV & gel patches!! I got the idea from Pam to get MBD masks that I'm forever waiting for from imomoko!

    With all the shitty weather we're having here, I practically just wake up everyday waiting for packages to come. o_O online shopping is evil!!

  6. that palette is very useful..I saw a bunch of the elf holiday things on clearance

  7. so lucky! i wanted that same one and couldnt find it anywhere!

  8. LOL thankfully I've started my Korean obssesion so that keeps me from shopping, which is prob what I'd want to do! LOL! Even though I'm broke as hell!

    Oooh can't wait to hear your thoughts on everything. Pam & D make me want to try those Nexcare patches too! LOL!

  9. haha i shop online when i get bored too - even just to make up a shopping cart to see how much i'd need if i were to order right away =P or I update my beauty wishlist whenever i see something interesting from someone else's blog.

    nice purchase on the ELF makeup! i think their shadows have improved a lot since the last time i tried their makeup. glad you were able to get your sasa order :)

  10. Ms. Glow just told me about them acne patches, I gotta try em! And damn, $3'fifty? Good deal! I actually ordered it from Target but have yet to receive it! Hope it's somethin' I can use often!

    Happy New Year Tammy and thanks mucho for the blush!

  11. MASKS GALORE!! Unfortunately I can't afford to be bored.....


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