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My Skincare Routine

Good Morning!!

Skincare week has begun!! I just wanted to give you ladies a quick rundown of what I've been using on my skin before I delve into the sheet masks/acne patches reviews for the week.

Morning - This routine is SUPER SIMPLE & basic, I just don't have the energy in the morning to get fancy. haha!!

I wash my face with Eden Allure Argan Oil Beauty Bar in Grapefruit. Product review here. Buy here.

I then apply Dove Essential Nutrients Day Lotion SPF 15. It's lightweight & has SPF 15, it's been my old reliable for almost 10 years now. This lotion is really affordable, about $7. The only problem I have with this lotion is that it can be hard to find, I can usually find it at Walmart though.


I remove my makeup with M Perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil.  Buy here.
It's really light, and removes ALL of your makeup!! The only con to this product is that you have to use quite a bit because it's more of a watery consistency rather than oil.

I then wash my face with the Eden Allure beauty bar using my Clarisonic Mia™ Skin Cleansing System. Full review here. Buy here.

I then apply a thin layer of Egyptian Magic all over my face, I use this as an eye cream too.  Product review here. Buy here.


2-3 nights a week I apply a sheet mask. Reviews on some my favorite sheet masks will be up this week.

If I have a pimple I will apply an acne patch. A review on the acne patches I've tried will be posted this week.

What's your skincare routine like..simple or complicated..?? I think mine is pretty simple, my face doesn't like all of the extra


  1. Mine is simple too well kind of!

    Morning - wash with Fancl Washing powder then mosturise with Shu anti aging gel cream.

    Evening if I have been wearing lots of make up - RMK cleansing oil then, Fancl Washing Powder

    Evening if minimal make up - SANA Soy Face wash and Lancome Bi Facil Eye MU remover. Moisturise with Taer Repair and Replenish cream.

  2. simple but effective skincare routine :) I've temporarily stopped using the Eden Allure soap, what with my skin freakout and all, but it's one of the nicer facial bars I've tried!

  3. You have a really good routine, I don't do anything special for night but I should probably start.

    My routine is extremely simple but seems to be working out for me. It's just cleanse, tone, moisturize, exfoliate and mask twice a week and that's it!

  4. love your skincare routine, you have some great products :) love the clarisonic :)

  5. Sounds like a simple great routine! And hey if it works! I've never even heard of the Dove face lotion before! Something to look out for!

  6. it's on 8th ave and 58th street ;D its next to the fish market..they sell all different types of beauty products...haha where do you get the acne patch things? lemme know hun ;D


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