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Acne Skincare Tip - Part 1 | #acne #skincaretips

How many face masks does one need..??

With my last order I decided to step out of my sheet mask comfort zone & buy a few wash off masks from VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Masks. These are the two masks I've tried so far.

How to Use:
1. Apply on a cleansed face.
2. Wait for 15-20 minutes
3. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

These packs can last for 2 uses as long as you don't go crazy applying on the first use.

These masks are usually sold for about $2 a pack, currently has them on sale for $1.30 per pack.

VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off Pack Cereals replenishes and restores skin instantly, leaving it a healthy and vivid glow!

This is the first mask I used & I loved it!! This mask is really soothing & refreshing. It soothes the same way oatmeal does on burns/chaffed skin (I hope that makes sense.). The smell is clean & not overwhelming & this mask was easy to wash off. I felt like my skin was hydrated, soothed, & balanced after using this.

 Green Tea Collagen

Collagen mask with green tea extract

This mask softens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving it smooth and elastic, soothes irritation, and stimulates the regeneration, eliminates fine lines and rejuvenates the skin.

I do not like this mask. It felt really cool & refreshing on my face, but the next day I had completely broken out!!! This mask was pretty difficult to wash off, it was so gooey that it felt like I was rinsing forever. I guess this mask isn't made for sensitive skin type, I really can't say if I benefited from this mask at all because I was so overwhelmed with the breakouts.   =(

So far my results are 50/50. I also have the charcoal pack which I hope I will like as much as I like the cereals mask. Have you ever tried any of these masks..?

FTC Disclaimer-I purchased these items myself.


  1. The VoV Volcanic ash is my very favourite! You MUST try that out!

  2. Of course we all need 94573975345 masks!!!!

  3. You can never have enough! LOL! :) And the best part is using the leftover serum in the bag on your neck! :)

    LOL I always leave mines on until it dries out.. then again majority of the time I'm napping with it on! LOL!

  4. must.try.all.masks! I'm with Glowy above, I heard that the volcanic ash is good, and the seaweed/sea minerals one is good too...i still have to try the ones I got from Mona, my bf always makes fun of me for using any of these masks at night


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