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Santa Crawl & FOTD

This year my friends & I decided to go to Santa Crawl in Hoboken, NJ; instead of last year's Santacon. Santa Crawl is a pub crawl with people dressed up as X-mas holiday characters, majority of people go with Santa since it is called the Santa Crawl. Here's my group..

We had many Santas, 1 snow bunny, & 1 snow woman.

The snow woman on the right is my friend Ana & we've been friends since
We tied for most moody in high school..haha!!

The Asian Santas, for some reason they really got a lot of attention for being "Asian Santas" was

The hubby & I

Santa plays beer pong..

I KNOW I missed this   I did NOT play well this day...too sober..haha!

My bestie with his Dr. Seuss hat, sad that the night was over..haha!!


Here was my FOTD for the Santa Crawl...

Of course in efforts of trying to be different from last year's makeup, my makeup didn't end up turning out how I wanted it to. I wanted a red smokey eye & I blended so well it came out   Still looks cute!
I really don't like wearing Santa hats..when you have a lot of hair it just makes your hair itchy so I went with a hat that Kimberly Tia made me for my b-day.

I really don't remember what colors I used on my eyes, but I know all of the colors were from my 120 eyeshadow palette. My cheeks are glowing from my Auraline Beauty blush - I don't remember the name..sorry!! On my lips I'm wearing MAC lipgloss in Prrr.

 Today is my Friday...the hubby & I will be going into the city tomorrow to do all of these touristy things like looking at the tree & going to Macy's...haha!!


  1. What a good looking group of Santas! LOL Glad you had fun! LOL Love the hubby's Irish santa hat!!

    And your "pink" FOTD came out very fitting to the red in the santa suit! Sexy santa indeed! :)

  2. i have that camera! hahaha..
    a great one :)


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