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Budget Beauty Deals for the Week of July 21, 2024 | #drugstoremakeup #couponing

$1 for Quality Pigmented Eyeshadows..?? & FOTD

I found a bargain at Sally Beauty Supply. These great baked eyeshadows! The only con is that these eyeshadows don't have names..

Left to Right: 388131, 388120, 388129, & 388127.


388127, 388129, 388120, & 388131.

I wore 388120 & 388131 on Christmas's the look I put together. You can see the gifts in the backseat..hehe

What's your latest bargain find..?


  1. the colours look vibrant!!

  2. Look at them sexy eyes! Such a great smokey green EOTD! :) ANd those are some shimmery pigmented colors! Great find Tammy!

  3. wow!!! $1?? thats such a great quality for less money! beautiful FOTD as well :)

  4. I was just there and didn't even look at these, I may take a second look now!

    I nominated you for a blog award!

  5. i just saw these today and didn't get them cause i didn't know if they were any good :(
    now i regret it.

  6. wow whatta find!! holla .. haha ... my latest find?! a NARS Duo Concealer for $10 @ Sephora!! and in my right shade!! :) loooove it. it's a $30+ value too! omgahd.. hahaha .. i clearly was excited. :)

  7. nice find! i wish i was closer to/it was easier to get to a Sally's to look at their stuff!

  8. You a lie! I didn't see those at Sallys!!!! >_<
    Actually I think I did but they were big and not a $1 like the ones you showed in your video....
    I love that scarf! I look like such a tool in scarfs...

  9. hey lady love! i saw these and didn't pick them up because.. i don't know.. i just couldn't, even though they are a steal at $1.. i dunno.. maybe i'm almost over baked products??.. i just want new color ;) but the color of the rainbow doesn't change so i have no idea why i'm still looking to find something new. i have each color prob 3 times over =p anyways... 388131 is totally calling my names so i might pick that up hehe. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  10. Kendall must be speaking of the palladio baked cosmetics... hmm they hide the sally girl stuff low by the counter :p at least at my sally's they do!

  11. Wow, those are really pretty! I love them all and $1 is a steal!

    they look great on you, especially the green one :D

    Miss Neesh


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