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Payless Haul

Hi Ladies!!

If you're an Oprah viewer than you know that last week you were able to get 50% off everything in the store if you brought in a coupon from

Here's what I hauled:

This pretty scarf, I wore this all weekend!!

I only bought 2 pairs of shoes!! I didn't notice that these boots still had the security tag on them until I took this picture. LOL

I had a hard time getting a good picture of these purses, but I love them!!

My favorite types of hats to wear in the winter. Super comfy & warm.

Here's a behind the scenes look at what happened as I was trying to take pictures. Mr. Nosey decided to see what all the fuss was

What did you buy from this sale..??


  1. I was tempted to buy the exact same boots, but put them back, lol. I got my daughter some shoes, a similar scarf like yours, and a little wallet. Didn't find any good bags, unfortunately

  2. Aww I love Mr. Nosey, my kitty always like to smell everything that comes into the house lol. I got three pairs of Lela Roses and my mom got a purse, shoes and some socks LOL

  3. ooo thanks for the heads up! I'm going to check it out

  4. doh! i didn't know about that sale! stupid 9-5 job, see its ruining everything, well at least i don't work there anymore! w00t! nice haul! damn i wanted to get some boots!!!!

  5. Haha Tomo has to sniff everything that's new too! LOL! Dom is too cute!!

    Nice haul!! I like Payless but lately they haven't been capturing my attention. Maybe our stores stock just sucks! Cuz I haven't seen those cute hats or purses in our Payless!

  6. I got 2 pairs of shoes and a pink & black scarf. I'm a retard when it comes to rocking scarfs, I feel like I look retarded in them.

  7. Oo..I didn't know there was a sale. LOL. But I love your hats! They're so cute.

    Follow me?

  8. omg! i wanted that bag but in black! the one with the bow!

  9. ooh payless! I haven't been there in forever! I wish I knew about this sale earlier. aww. haha


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