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Cady Nation Jewelry by Diana

Just a little while ago I asked Diana from Cady Nation if she would make me some tensha earrings that didn't dangle too much. While I love my dangling tensha earrings they tend to get caught on my phone at work, and I'm always scared I'm going to break one.  =(

Diana agreed to make a pair & the results are amazing!

I tried my best to capture their beauty with my camera, but I'm afraid I failed.  =( 

This is a picture that Diana took of the earrings..

Now if you have ever received a package from Diana then you know that this was all beautifully wrapped, but I just couldn't wait to open the package and see what the earrings looked like in person. Sorry I don't have any pictures of her excellent wrapping/packaging skills. You're just gonna have to take my word for it. ;)

She also included some of her favorite teas in the packages. Thank you so much!! The Chamomile/Mango one is so YUMMY!!

Below are some pictures I took to give you an idea of how they dangle. I love the length!

Aren't these earrings stunning?? I am absolutely in love with them!! You did a wonderful job Diana!! Thank you!!

Buy your jewelry from Diana @ Cady Nation.


  1. oh gosh..very pretty!! me like!!!XD

  2. so pretty!!! diana is such a sweetie and yeaaa her packages are so nicely wrapped! <3

  3. They look great on you! And D is another one of our talented makers of pretty!! And I can attest to her wrapping skills! LOL!

  4. thank YOU for the request :) I think my OCD wrapping skills are getting around, haha.

    I wanna know what you used for your FOTD there missy - your eye makeup looks great! and your hair looks so glossy :)

  5. oh gorgeous!
    the earrings look great and so do u!!

  6. their so pretty and vintage looking
    ps you look hawtttt in your pic!

  7. They look great on you!!! I love the blue color ^.^

    Follow me?

  8. So pretty and they look totally great on you too! :)


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