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Hard Candy Quickie Product Reviews


  1. ooo thanks for the concealer palette review - it looks so cute, but function over form!! I need stuff that works for undereye heehee

  2. Ooh that polish looks so edgy on you! :) And Hard Candy polishes are thick. I used to wear a couple in HS. Good to know that the concealers aren't too full in coverage. Thanks for sharing that with us!

    Thanks for the swatchies of the blushes! Whooo plumping for Tammy's lips!! Aww all lippies too light for you? :( But I'm sure you can layer them with other colors!

  3. Thanks fr the review, now I know what to really get when I see them in Walmart. The concealer palette really does look cute, The packaging is really pretty.

  4. thanks for the reviews :) I used to use the hard candy polishes in hs and they were a little thick back then too, but i loved all the wild colors they came up with!

  5. thanks for the review and the shout out ;))! (finally catching up on my youtube viewing!)

    *sigh* not what i wanted to hear about the glosses, but i have picked up mr. wrong since my last small haul.

    the living doll looked too cool so i skipped it.

    great vid!


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