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Revlon Berry Bloom Look

Hi Ladies!

I had a request to do a look with my Revlon Berry Bloom Quad & I decided to do the look ASAP since a few of you ladies had also requested that I do a look using purples.

Please note that I had planned on being outside most of the day so I had a high level of SPF on my face & that's why I look so ghostlike in my pictures. I swear that in person my foundation matched. LOL

SPF + Camera Flash =Ghost Face haha!!

Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Natural Tan
MAC MSF Natural in Medium/Dark
MAC Beauty Powder in Smooth Harmony
Revlon Quad in Berry Bloom
Wet n Wild Cream Eyeliner in Black
L'oreal Carbon Voluminous Mascara in Very Black
MAC A Rose Romance Lipstick

Random Picture of the Day
My in laws adopted a new dog recently & look what happened when I sat on the sofa!! She immediately laid down on my lap & in 5 minutes she was asleep & snoring!! Think she likes me?? haha!! btw her name is Belle, like Southern Belle..aww!!


  1. LOL I'm sure your foundie matched! LOL! We all know what flash does to our pics! ;)

    This is such a pretty look Tammy!! The Rose lippie looks so good on you!!

    Awww how cute is Belle!! LOL! Such a friendly doggie!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have missed seeing your pretty face here!! You look looks effortlessly ALWAYS!

  3. I love this look- very innocent looking :cough, cough: LoL

    Yeah, they are a bit pricey and SUPER pricey for Target! I do really want that blue dress though, it was the only dress sold out at my Target!

  4. very very pretty look!! and damn Belle is a big dog! hahaha

  5. aww, belle sounds adorable! that berry bloom quad looks great on you too - purples always make brown eyes stand out :)


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