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Review: Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Protect Flat Iron Hairspray

Review: Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Protect Flat Iron Hairspray

What it does: Conditions hair and provides advanced thermal protection during straight iron use, creating effortlessly smooth, shiny and ultra-moisturized hair.
-Waterless formula works on damp or dry hair
-Imparts a moveable, soft finish
-Speeds up drying time while sealing hair with Vitamin B5

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I have to admit I was very skeptical when I received this product..I mean a hairspray to flat iron your hair..?? Isn't that going to leave my hair crunchy..?? Isn't this going to damage my hair even more...??? WRONG!!! Look at the results for yourself...

Before: My hair in it's natural state.

Straightened: Without Straight Sexy Hair

The ends of my hair are slightly wavy still & it feels a little dry.

Straightened: WITH Straight Sexy Hair

Look how straight and smooth my hair is!! The ends are absolutely perfect. My hair doesn't/look feel like I just used a hot tool on it.


-Protects your hair from the heat of your flat iron.

-Makes your flat iron work even better & makes your hair VERY straight.

-Easy to use - spray & flat iron.

-Light, sweet smell.

-Leaves your hair feeling smooth & moisturized.

-Locks humidity OUT.

-There isn't ANY stiffness in your hair after using this product.

Cons seriously...NONE!!

Overall I definitely think this product is a MUST buy!!! My hair has been giving me a very hard time to straighten it because of the humidity here, I think this little bottle may have solved my problem!! Even hours after my hair was flat ironed and I sat outside in the heat & humidity, my hair looked like it had just been done!

5 out of 5.

*I have seen Sexy Hair products at Walgreens, Target, & Walmart. Go pick up your Sexy Hair!!


  1. I am very impressed! Does it help with the frizzies? Like when it's humid too? cause I like to straighten the front of my hair to make it perfect and spray the rest of my hair to make it stay put...

  2. I had that bottle in my hand, and I put it back b/c I didn't think it was worth the money, lol.... Thanks for the review. Going back to get it!!!
    That Soy Renewal that we got in the MPPB is amazing stuff too.... I really want to try the Sexy Healthy Hair Chocolate shampoo bc its sulfate free!!

  3. Wow you really do see the diff on the ends with the before & after! Great review Tammy!! Hairspray style huh? Interesting...

  4. nice review- it your hair looks healthy and shiny! I've always been a little skeptical about some of the Sexy Hair products (two of their shampoos don't work for me), but my BF loves their Pumpkin shampoo...I'll have to keep my eye out for this item to protect my hair :)

  5. Thanks for the review. I'll be looking into this product after I'm done with my 2 bottles of Chi ironguard44 spray :P


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