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You Tube Video Love..

Hola mi amorsitas!!!! I know I've been really MIA lately, but life happens!!! I haven't really had the energy or motivation to work on regular blog entries, but you ladies KNOW I am a huge YouTube junkie. I thought I would share with you some videos & tips that I have found extremely helpful lately!!

Cora from Vintage or Tacky

*gasp* I can now apply false lashes!!!! Super helpful!!


I have yet to try this, but I really want to!! *crosses fingers that my bangs will look as pretty as Mel's*

Jude Rivera

I want her curls!!

This video isn't beauty related, but I'm loving this song & video..

Doesn't Leighton look amazing in this video..?? I think I'm going to try & recreate this look..

What have you ladies been up to..?? Blogger seems pretty quiet lately..


  1. haha.. thx hun! u'll do fine!! just remember, hair grows back again so never fear! =)

  2. Ohh thanks for sharing tammy!! I gotta watch the lash one! LOL!

    BTW LOVE LOVE LOVE the EcoTools e/s brush you got me for the undereye concealer!! It works soo well!! Like airbrush almost!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!

  3. very helpful videos...
    how u been missy !!


  4. Oh wow, these are pretty helpful, thanks! I am a YT junkie but I watch more MTVs and Michael Jackson related videos, so these are gems. Thanks.


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