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EC Pow Wow Pics

I think this story is best told by pictures & minimal captions. I'll let you fill in the blank on the rest. Or you can just go to Pink's page when she finally does her know she likes to 'talk/type'. ;)

The lovely ladies who were there: Pam, Kendall, Diana, Mel, Jen/BeautyMoogle, Jen/EtherealPrey, Vicki, Desi, Lynnie, Lily, Helen, & Patty. *Sorry if I spelled any names incorrectly, please let me know & I'll change it ASAP!

Pictures are from my camera & a few were snatched from a few of the lovely blogger ladies.

Inside the restaurant

The other ladies have a TON of food porn!!

There was a lot of this..


& this going on..

Opening presents..

Our after dinner poses & pics..

After dinner was karaoke time...for some reason I have a TON of pictures of Pam from

Group pic

Random Video..

Great times!!


  1. omg!! that's hilarious!! love all the pics!! ahhhhh! I can't wait till u come down!! =D

  2. great pics! lol such a bad angle of my face...but at least I looked happy :)

  3. It looked like you had such a fun time ^_~ All you ladies look gorgeous!

  4. Ahhh it looks like you had fun! I wish I could have went! We are so double dating next time I am in NJ! xox Love ya! <3

  5. LOL! awesome pics! we should totally do this again!

  6. Great pics!! Look at all the sexy Mami's! And all the FOODPORN!! GAH!! SOOO JELLY!!!!

    I'm glad ya'll had fun though!! :)

    I wanna have pics of Pam shakin her booty too!

  7. lol aww looks like a lot og fun

  8. I'm soo pissed at the Metro North Train schedule!!! I missed the whole 2nd part of the Pow Wow *tear*

  9. Great pics! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!


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