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Auraline Eyeshadows

Hi Ladies!!! Sorry for being a bit MIA lately. =(

I'm still in the process of playing catch up and this blog entry is WAY overdue!! I received a package from the lovely Linea 2 weeks ago & I'm just getting around to posting this now. Opps!!!
When I found out that Auraline Beauty was going to be at IMATS in Cali this year I knew I needed to hit up one of my lovely blogger girls to see if they could pick a few eyeshadows for me & Linea was kind enough to say yes to picking up a few things for me.

I'm still very into this line!! Here are the colors she picked up for me:

Watch the video for more info on the brand and color names!


I think that Gold from Auraline Beauty is a really good dupe for All That Glitters from MAC.
Left - Gold from Auraline Beauty Right - All That Glitters from MAC

Being the sweetheart that she is Linea sent me a couple extras my way..WOW!!! I'm loving everything!!! I can't believe she sent me the bent eyeliner brush!!! I was talking to Vanessa the day before I received this package and I was stressing how badly I need one of these!! It makes applying eyeliner super easy! The sample jars contain Solar Bits from MAC..yay!!
Thank you Linea!! <3 <3 <3

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Yay a new Tammy vid!! LOL! How sweet of Linea to pick you up more shadows!! :) And you got great colors!! That gold one doesn't look too gold! LOL! You're soo right!!

    Awwww how sweet of her to hook you up with extries too! :)

  2. You got a bent liner brush!!! Loveeeeeeeeee it! Seriously, it makes gel eyeliner a breeze! I got one for my mom too. haha And... I am going to steal that lavender eye shadow from you, I decided just this. haha ;)

  3. it's great to have beauty bloggers everywhere! the colors look gorgeous! =D


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