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Updates & Random Pics

Is it only Tuesday..?? eek..this week is dragging!!

As I mentioned in some previous blog entries I had the chance to go to the NY makeup show because I was lucky enough to win Kia's (Yummy411) contest. Here's the picture that we all took together.

My best friend Miriam, Me, and Kia. She is so beautiful!!


For my birthday last month my hubby bought me a Mini Acer. Once I got it I knew I needed to buy a cute cover for it from Yumeko. Look at how cute my cover is!!

And of course because she's such a sweetie she put in a few extra goodies!! The wrapping on this candy is SO cute!! They're baby Sesame Street characters!! I don't want to eat them because I don't want to ruin the She also sent me some Stitch blotting sheets!! These are blotting sheets right?? I haven't taken it out of the packaging yet.

Buy your own netbook case here -->

She also sells brush rolls. This is the one I bought --> brush roll


Random picture of the skirt I'm wearing today. Yes I LOVE purple..lol____________________________________________________
The book I'm reading this week. I haven't started it yet! Perfect Fifths by Megan McCafferty. I'll start reading it tonight!!

I refuse to BUY a book during the summer because of how many I read in a week. I usually read 2-3 books a week during the summer, so by picking these up at the library I save myself at least $40 a week!!!
How do I find the time to read so much..??? I bring my books EVERYWHERE!! I read when the hubby's driving, I read when I'm on lunch, I read to relax before bed, I read whenever I have a free moment!

Reading is my favorite way to relax. What's yours?


  1. Reading is def one of my fave things to do. I've been neglecting it lately due to being busy, but I'm gonna start carrying my books around with me too! Hahaha. I brought mine to work today even though I know I won't have time to read. =P

  2. cute skirt! i love clothing w/ a unique piece to it!

  3. i want a yume-chan goodie right now!



  5. That's a great pic of all of you!

    And I as soon as I saw Yume post up the Stich I told her you'd be calling! LOL! Cuteness!!

    And reading is great!! A very nice way to relax! I usually listen to soft music too!


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