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Pin the Junk on the Hunk!!

Happy Thursday!!!!! I have so many little things to share with you ladies that I don't even know where to begin!! I'm just going to go in order!!
Last Saturday we had a bridal party for my bff, since she's getting married this Saturday..yay!!!!
I decided to go the really girly route and wear dress & even a KT hair accessory.
The upcoming picture is FREAKING priceless!!!! And it showcases KT's skills the best.

We were playing pin the junk on the hunk..I wasn't just staring at the random packages

Buy your own handmade craft made by Kimberly Tia here.

I wasn't able to capture many pics of myself from this day, the goal was to celebrate the bride to be! =)
Here's the beautiful bride to be with her beautiful mom!
Just the other day the gorgeous Yasumi/Glow decided to send me a little b-day loving too. I was so in awe of the stationary!! Yes I'm a dork like that!! I loved it!!! I love fish!!! So cute!!

So what Dior goodness was inside the box..??

A DiorKiss lipgloss!! I love it! This is my first Dior gloss, and I love how it has just a hint of shimmer!! Thank you so much Yasumi!!!


A video I made a few days ago.

This is the link to the video that I referred to about Aveeno Baby Lotion being used as a primer - click here.

I'll be back tomorrow to give you an important Target message!!! =)


  1. aww you looked so pretty! lol thats a great picture too!

  2. nice video. i kinda have a tzone oily spot.... its annoying! you look soo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!


  3. Yay for MAC BLOT POWDER!! :) First Monistat now Aveeno Baby Lotion?! Things you'd never guess! LOL! I'm still on the fence about the asprin thing... Lol!

    You looked very pretty for the shower! And look at you staring at all that "junk"! LOL!!

  4. you look so summery in the bridal shower pics :) KT's hair accessory was a nice touch - I couldn't help but laugh at the pic of you peeking at all that "junk" on the door, lol

  5. You looked soo gorgeous for the shower! That pic of you looking at the "junk" is adorable! hahah. I really want to try that aveeno lotion for a primer now, My current primers have been failing me since it's been extremely HOT here lately.


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