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NY Makeup Show Part 1

Is it Monday already..???

I was able to go to The Makeup Show NYC yesterday. I had a such a great time!! Thank you to Kia @ Yummy411 who had the contest to go to this show!! Here are some random pictures I took at the show & of the things I hauled. There's also a video below. =)

Mac Display

Crown Brush Display

Crown Brushes I bought.



More Airbrush. This girl was so cold!! You could see her


  1. how cool ur soo lucky!! i wanan go to a makeup show one dayy... cant wait to see part 2!


  2. love your look, you have this pretty glow. and wow thats not a bad price for those brushes, so lucky!

  3. cool brushes u got...cant wait to see upcoming fotd's!!

  4. WOwo Congrats on winning that contest! What a great prize!! :)

    Soorry that MAC was crap! LOL! But at least you got some great brushes even though you had to throw them elbows out! LOL! :)

  5. wow tats cool
    one day i wanna go!

  6. So MAC was bein hella bunk there eh? I think they shoulda showed tha hell off anyway, u know?

    You been lookin' really fresh faced lately Tam, me likey! <3


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