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Dress Rehearsal Ready | #getupanddance #letsdance

Aloha Baby!!

So I'm taking a quick break from my break (huh?? lol) to show you ladies my new baby!!!! The lovely Kimberly Tia made this for me!! Stitch!!! I love, love, love Stitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is absolutely perfect!!!! He even brought me flowers..haha!! Thank you KT!! <3 <3 <3

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  1. aww how adorable!! KT is awesome, Stitch looks perfect!

  2. ooooh you got STITCH!!! WOW xx

    Hurry up and get better

  3. super cute!! love stitch too

  4. aawwwwwwww stitch is in his new home... "OHANA"

    I was so happy with stitch, I had o make myself one... PUWAHAHH
    I'm so glad you like him girl -- and he was a fun challenge to see if I can do it. So thank you for supporting ME and my craft!!!

    It means a super dooper LOT!!!

    xoxoxo KT

  5. Adorable! Kim makes the cutest things. =P

  6. cuuute :) Kt's the best hooker around, hehehe.

  7. Haha!! I love Stich!! The BF's mom's doggie is named Stich too!! :)


  8. so stitchee boy went home to u!
    tooo cute
    u like stitch? i didnt know!
    omg i gotta bomb u with stitch stuff next time we swap!

  9. that is the cutest thing evvaaarrr!!! lucky you!


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