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Adding Some Glamour to the Bedroom

Last month the hubby and I made it our mission to redo our place a bit. We were trying to make it feel more like home. While I think we did a good job, I still feel like we're missing some decorations, especially for the bedroom. I found some really cute wall decorations on, here a few that I like!

I want to put this on my closet door!! We don't have enough space in our bedroom for a real one, but I think this would be great on a wall!!

If I didn't have a vanity I would want this...NEED this!! LOL
I want this design to be the background of my vanity.

I want this just to freak Dom out, I wonder how he would react..LOL

Have you ever shopped at I'm new to the site, but I am slowly getting addicted.

Have you ever used a wall decal? Is it possible to remove them, once they have been applied to your wall?
What are your quick fixes for decorating?


  1. Be warned: is the devil. It is extremely addictive and it will take all your money. I am currently going to Etsy rehab but it is not working all that well. hehehehe....

    The wall decals are fun. I have not used them myself but I have a friend that has and it looks great. She says that they are easy to remove once you are tired of them.

    Since I can not paint my walls(apartment living), I like to use fabric as paint. Also, I collect art so I have paintings and picture's all over the place. :)

    By the way, I just started reading your blog and it is great. :)

  2. I am always on etsy!!

    Decals are great.....especially for parties!!!

    You are always full of fab ideas tammy x

  3. etsy is very addictive!! i have only bought soaps off them but i think there are so many possibilities!

  4. When you twitpic'd these before I thought they were sooo cool!! ANd you know what? They still are!!

    Poor Dom, he's gonna think he has a new friend who doesn't move! LOL!

  5. oh boy....u got bit by the etsy bug.
    Etsy is my holy grail of inspiration.

    IKEA has those wall decals too, some really great ones, but you'll find tons of "unique" diy items on etsy for sure.

    I cant wait to see previews of our revamp girl!! I love creativity!!!

  6. great finds tammy! i found some with simple quotes that was pretty inspiring.. kinda antm house/ making the band lol. i shop etsy for earrings usually. i just have a general apprehension about shopping online =p

  7. I like to stick glass beads on my wall with wall tack. It's really inexpensive and you can get really creative with some of the designs you make. I think you can see my tree in the background of some of my pictures :]

    Btwww, I did your award hunn :D

  8. I've purchased jewelry and decals off of etsy, and didn't have problems with any of them :) I had decals on the walls of my old apt for about a year(?) since I couldn't paint the walls, and they were really easy to put on and take off - just like peeling a sticker. Only a slight bit of residue - if you looked at the wall from certain angles you could see where the decals had been, but a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser took care of that :)


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