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Sometimes I like being wrong

When I bought Strayin from the Hello Kitty collection I really liked it, but I wasn't sure if it was a good color for me. I just don't do bright colors on my lips. This past Saturday the hubby and I decided to go on a roadtrip and I decided this would be the perfect time to test it out. Here's the look I wore on Saturday.
I didn't put a lot of effort was put into my look since I knew I was going to be in the car all day and I didn't want my eyes to compete with my lips. I really like the way this look turned out and I don't think it's 'too bright'. YAY!!

On our road trip we came across a few things that we considered 'blasts from the past' and I thought I'd share with you ladies.. Roy Rogers!!!! We don't have these in our area, they used to a LONG time ago!!
I used to love their fries so I HAD to pick some up!! They were yummy!!

While walking through the store at the rest stop we came across these: Cassette tapes!!!! lol Hubby posing the a STYX tape. lol


When I got home I had some surprises waiting for me.

From the beautiful Wuz. I love this lippie!!!

From the gorgeous Tammy M. She sent me a HUGE sample of MAC loose blot powder. I love this stuff. 'Bye! Bye! Shinies!'

Thank you ladies!!! You blogger babes always put a smile on my face. =)


  1. Aww! Look what Wuzzy sent ya! Love GBGs! They smell so minty! You look awesome with that color! Its not too bright at all. I think the way you balanced the look out is perfect! ;) That food...that's my kinda food! :) Need fries promptly now! :P

  2. oMg gimmme curlyyyyyy fries.... mMmm I soo could use some GREASY SALT right now!!!

  3. haha!! HK RULEZ!! LOL!! alrighty enough of the HK talk..

    Glad you liked it! I knew it would look great with your gorgeous darker complextion!!

    And how sweet of Tammy M. too!! Btw... you looked gorgeous in your FOTD!!

  4. I looooooove this look so much, the lip color really pops out!!!!! u have gorgeous lips to play w/ colors!!!

  5. you looked beautiful that day, as you do everyday angel! Love you!!

  6. That lippie is totally gorgeous on you! Wow I haven't seen a roy rogers in 4everrrr and cassette's...memories!

  7. Wow, Roy Rogers!!! When I lived on Long Island, I used to go all the time!
    I am glad you like the Blot Powder, I can't live without mine!!!

  8. awe bloggerlove <33 your hubbylooks funy w a tape hehe but your look stunning!!


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