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Pink's Contest Entry Take 2

I've gotten a few comments saying that some people can't see the slide show I put on my previous post, so I've posted the pictures here with the poem I wrote. I didn't include them on the same post, because whenever I tried to the slide show kept getting deleted. =(

Vanity is her name, Perfection is her game. Some may call her uptight,
While others call her a prude,
but if one looks closely enough you can see that's not true.
Whether it be time for work,or time for play,
She must make sure that all of her flaws are held at bay.So go ahead and say that she has nothing better to do, but she always enjoys herself a good pearl necklace or two.

Before I get a TON of rude anonymous comments, this entry was for a contest!!!
Like how I used props..?? The hubby, the cat, the porn, & the necklace! Didn't catch the porn..?? Look again!! lol..


  1. wow!! sexy! can't wait to see the skin vid!

  2. haha.. nice entry! =)

  3. What a sexy minx (what Simmon says from American Idol)!!! :)

  4. you look so hott! all your photos came out so good! lol what kinda of porn is that? lol jk!


    Props make it all baby!!

  6. nice entry u did there! the outfit n all that suits u well... good luck<3

  7. haha... nice! You look very sexy with that glasses!

  8. hey, NOW i see the porn. i wasn't looking at anything but you so i missed it the first time. niiiiiiice!

  9. Awesome job!! I really like your poem too, You look hot in the pics! Good Luck!! =D


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