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Nail Designs

So I happen to do my nails a lot, I usually try to put a little design or something on them. I don't really do anything too elaborate, just something simple and what I think is cute. I've tried to do nail tutorials a few times, but taking pics while painting your nails is tough!! I did a video of the design I did last night, and my camera kept messing up, so I had to edit this video a lot!! I hope you like!

The nail polishes I used:

Video Recap

1. Apply clear nail polish to entire nail.
2. Apply a darker nail polish to tips of nails, make this a thick french tip.
3. Apply 6 dots of color to tips. 3 in a bright color, 3 in a neutral-white/black work best.
4. Take a toothpick and swirl the dots together. Figure 8's or circles work well.
5. Apply a line of color to the top of the french tip. I prefer to use a glitter nail polish.
6. Apply a clear coat of nail polish.

Final Results


  1. Wow that looks soo cool! I'm soo gonna try that soon, hopefully I'll get it. I really need to find me some of those art deco polishes. Thanks for the tut!!

    I don't think I could have that much patience with my brows because I wax them every 2 weeks and I'm constantly plucking. Maybe I should try to grow them out some though cuz their starting to get pretty thin. Ohh and that's soo funny I got you addicted to them, I swear I watch them alll the time! JenisseMakeup even lives here in Vegas and I've seen her before in MAC it was like seeing a celeb lol.

  2. Ooohhh, I really likey!!! I just have plain pink and white acrylics...

  3. thyats nice! good idea.. im soo lawzy to pain tho n they always get messed up! lol im so clumzy...

  4. I give you props girl!! THe end result is GORGEOUS!! I never have patience to do my own nails!! That & I tend to fuckum up too!!

    Great vid though!! I should just give you and Vanessa all my polishes!! LOL!! They're just collecting dust!

  5. beautiful!! i wish i was creative like you babe!


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