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Mitsuwa Haul

**Warning!! I wrote a lot more in this post than usually
Without you lovely ladies I wouldn't have a clue about a lot of beauty products. Especially Asian products. Thank you for tempting me with these dangerous

The AMAZING Pink did a post a little while back about her visit to Mitsuwa that intrigued me. I had a general idea of where it was, but I didn't have a strong interest in Asian goodies..yet!!

Now I do!! And why is that...?? Because of all the WONDERFUL reviews I've heard about the Mandom Makeup Remover. I ignored the buzz at first, but after a bit it just could not be ignored!!! So I planned and plotted my trip to Mitsuwa. Now my problem with going there is that I had no idea what half the items were. The English label is on the back of (some) of the bottles. I could have stayed there are day drooling over it all, but I didn't want to torture the hubby since I HAD to go yesterday. I anticipated the non English problem and asked Pink for advice on what I should buy, and of course she gave me an awesome list, I bought it all! Thankfully she didn't give me a long list, because I'm afraid I would have bought that all

Despite me having a list of things to get, of course I looked at everything I possibly could in the 45 minutes I was there. FYI--Even with my list it took me FOREVER to find what I was looking for. I learned after 20 minutes to stop looking at the bottles for the names, but the price tags on the shelf instead.

So enough with the's what I bought:

Left to right: Naris egg peel, Shiseido perfect whip cleanser, Mandom Makeup Remover, and Lucido wax for waves/curls. I did buy a few other things, but they are for my secret santa. =)

I can proudly say I know what all the hype is about now when it comes to Mandom Makeup Remover. Holy crap!!! One swipe and my mascara was gone! GONE!! Not a trace!! What the hell?!?! I am in love, love, love!!!!! And yes it really does feel like water like everyone says, but BETTER!! Sometimes you rinse your face with water and your face gets a little tight. This leaves the moisture on your skin. I am certain I will be using this on many weekend nights when I get home too late and don't want to wash my face. You need this in your life!!

I am also LOVING the Shiseido cleanser too. You have to use a teeny, tiny amount because this stuff foams like a mofo!!! It feels so good on your skin, not drying at all!!! Something about it just calmed my skin, this crazy weather has had it so irritated lately, but two washes with this and my face feels/looks great!!

Guess what else..? I love the egg peel I don't think I applied enough though on my first try and I wasn't able to peel it all off and I had to wash some of it off. That's ok though! My face usually gets so irritated with peels and that wasn't the case with this. I'll do a review on this once I've applied it

I haven't used the wax yet, but when I do I'm sure I will love it!!

I'm not sure if you ladies have these near you, but the hubby and I also went to an H-mart yesterday. Again I was amazed at all of the goodies they had, I was also a little annoyed to since they sell DHC there. I was obsessed with their cleansing oil and olive oil until it started to make me break out. When I would order from DHC it would take me weeks to get my goodies, how did I not know all I had to do was drive 5 minutes to get it.??

Do you have any of these stores near you..? If so what do you buy when you go..??


  1. Oooh you must be near me Tammy I go to Mitsuwa at least twice a week lol.

  2. Oh wow now i need to do some major research and see if i can get me some of those goodies in Montreal.
    *Cross fingers*

  3. I want! I want! Seattle is so sketchy when it comes to finding stores that sell beauty/skincare from Asia. :(

  4. wow!! thats soo cool!! i sooo want one of those makeup removers but theres none aroundme! (that i kno of) and i dont wanna buy stuff online anymore! lol

  5. mandom=love :) I'm going to have to make a special trip after I move...I'll be a little closer to NJ but still a while away, but Mitsuwa is taunting me!

  6. Dammit!! You too with your Mitsuwa and Mandom!!! *throw a little tantrum*

    Not fair!!! I want a Mitsuwa!!!! *wails*

    Okay enough of the self-pity party... Great stash... all the SHIT PRODUCTS!! Right on!! How much did the Perfect Whip cost. I found it down here, but for like $12!

  7. I learned about asian products from Pink's blog too..and since I don't have any asian stores near me I ordered online from can get all of this stuff there! only thing is shipping is a bit steep. Mandom= the shit. its HG for me. and you described it perfectly its like water but moisturizing and its not oily at all. love love love it.

  8. We have nothing of the sort here in London!! NOTHING!! I have to badger Japanese mates or buy from the usual online stores.

    I love love love that mandom stuff. I also have the moist one too. Can't get enough.


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