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Coastal Scents Palette

I finally bought an item from 1 of my lust I make those lists of things I want, but I never end up buying them!! haha!! This time I couldn't resist, Coastal Scents was having a 25% off sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday so I decided to take advantage of it.

I've heard a lot of great things about the blushes from this brand and they have been compared to MAC blushes often. I only own 1 MAC blush, and the one I do own is Devil from the Manish Arora collection and the color #4 in this palette was almost an EXACT dupe. The entire palette is the price of 1 MAC blush, so I have to say I did get a really good deal. Another dupe I noticed is color #10 reminds me a lot of the popular contouring blush that everyone uses from MAC and that's Emote. Color #9 is a dupe to Pink Raspberry from the Bobbi Brown Collection.
Here's a random picture from the weekend..see I KNOW Santa!!! err...just looked at the pic again..looks like Santa is grabbing my boob!!!! hahahaha!!!!

Who's excited for Secret Santa..?? I am!!!
Happy Monday!!


  1. im excited about secret sanata!! and haha santa is feelin you up! lol nice palette!! i want one!

  2. Haha... Santa's coopin a feel!!! Bad Santa!!! LOL!!

    You makin that blush palette sound.. oh soo heavenly!! Not one but 3 dupes you've found already in that thing!! If I ever decided to leave my Orgasm behind.. hm....

  3. Ladies you NEED this palette!!! It's awesome!!

  4. The more I hear about this product the more I want it! Maybe after the holidays I'll get it...Ohh and that's a cute pic of you and santa, hahah! =)

  5. thanks for showing me this. do you find them hard to blend??


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