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Acne Skincare Tip - Part 1 | #acne #skincaretips

You wanna be on top..??

haha..not that way you dirty girl!! lol..I have a love/hate for the show America's Next Top Model. I love the fashion, hair, and makeup aspect of it all. But those girls can REALLY annoy me!! And in my opinion the right person doesn't win often enough. Like on yesterday's finale...grr..I won't spoil it for you..but I don't think THAT girl deserved to win. And another many of you KNOW you could win that makeup challenge they do every season..?? Some of these girls have never worn lipstick before..ugh!!! ok, ok enough of my rant..haha!!

While strolling around Walmart yesterday I came across a huge display in the handbag/wallet/belt section. I managed to sneak a few pictures for you ladies so you can see what I'm talking about, I'm sure I looked like a crazy woman doing this. haha

So apparently ANTM now sells lip gloss ($4 each), nail polish ($3 each), cosmetic bags ($3-$5), handbags, and clothing. The clothing is basically T-shirts and workout clothing and the handbags seem to be workout bags. The bags are SO cute (sorry I wasn't able to take pics of them), BUT they had the ANTM logo everywhere..ugh..NOT cute!!! I didn't buy much from this line, but I did buy some can never have enough lippies!!

From left to right: Cherry Couture, Milan Melon, Rose Pose, Red Dress, & Berry Berry Fierce. I bought the colors WITHOUT glitter, I HATE glitter on my lips. I want to say about 60% of the lippies in the display had glitter. Boo!! I also bought a Carmex, because I LOVE it!!

From left to right: Cherry Couture, Milan Melon, Rose Pose, Red Dress, & Berry Berry Fierce.

I have to say that with these lippies you do get what you pay for.

Pros: The application is doe shaped. The lip gloss itself is quite thin so there is no goopey feeling. The consistency is similar to the Carmex tube I bought, and they feel quite moisturizing.

Cons: The colors are actually quite sheer on your lips, Milan Melon is pretty much clear. Another downfall is that the name of the lip gloss is not on the tube at ALL, but only on the cardboard packaging. So if you find a color you love you need to remember the name!

Overall I would buy these lip glosses again, especially Rose Pose, the color shares an uncanny resemblance to my MAC Viva Glam V lip gloss.

Do you watch ANTM?? Who do you think should have won.?


  1. I wanted Sheena to win, just because she was a riot to watch on screen. Definitely not feeling the girl that won last night though...and does ANTM really need a product line?

  2. that's the way to go tyra!!! learn from the olsen twins! next.. a perfume!

  3. Mayaari--I LOVED Sheena!! She was definately my 1st pic..Elina was my 2nd.

  4. wut no way... lol so popular.. i use to like it the first few shows.. then it got soo boring.. no interest anymore

  5. I knew Sheena back when she was 15.. She sooo didn't sound like how she does now...

    Carmex is the shizz, and you are great at finding MAC Dupes!!

  6. Wow...I had no idea that ANTM had makeup! Ms. Banks is breaking the Bank! These colors look kinda pretty. Sheena was my favorite too, but I think McKey was a good pick.

  7. Wuzzyangel--So she wasn't always so ghetto fab..?? lol..weird
    I find dupes because I'm broke..haha

  8. I wanted Miss Sheena to win but when she got the boot I went for McKey. Her poses were sick and she looked like a model all the time.

    Quick Rant:
    Since this is like the bazillionith episode of ANTM you would think these girls would learn from past mistakes. If this show makes it to another season and I see one more girl coming to judging looking like she is on her way to the mall I am going to loose it.

    Okay done :0)

    Good to see the ANTM make-up. I wounder will they use it on the show or continue with Cover Girl.

  9. =[ i was just at walmart yesterday i didnt see them! but wow just $4 for the l/g!


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