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Morning Vibes - Plumping Eye Cream #beautyinfluencer #eyecream

Head 2 Toe Beauty

Morning!!! I've gotten a ton of emails about my nail polish collection. I bought all of my nail polishes at the mall. =( The sad face is because I bought all of my nail polishes at the mall before I knew about this website.

Head2toebeauty has great deals on China Glaze, Essie, OPI, Orly. Many polishes are half off!!! These nail polishes aren't old or discontinued nail polishes either, they are the current collections! Score!! So go buy some nail polish!!!
**Also there is a test video on my you tube account. There are a TON of notes on the video itself because I hate the way I look in the video. I had a MAJOR migraine!!! Plus my skin looked awful!! I used a different camera for this video, but I really want to know what you think of the audio and video quality. I know the audio quality is better than my other camera but I think the video quality is off. Let me know!! I won't post it here because yes it is THAT bad.


  1. omg! more ploishes!!! yay! thanx for the link! oh and the video well you can hear it louder, but theres like an echo lol

  2. Hey Tammy! OMG. u so have to buy sketch! im so thankful that a reader of mine recommended it to me! its my favorite purple and its compliments my eyes. (hahaha) :p

    oh what! u broke out? oh my goodness. dont scare me. i spent $25 on that. HAHA ;]

    ecotools are my favorite too! my goodness they are so soft!

  3. ha ha ha - yes yes I can't get enuff of watching the SNL video -- justin is just hilarious isn't he?

  4. the colors are in gold and strawberry milk

  5. Vanessa M--I think I'm going to "hint" to the hubby to get me a new camera for

  6. You don't look that bad! and yes the quality is better, but like vans said.. slight echo.

    Thanks for the great site info!

  7. Hey! Thanks lol! Yea loreal true match is hands down the best foundation i've tried. I just use their powder and concealer not the actual liquid. And yea I bought Physicians Formula because of Aubrey lol. I purchased the Baked Butter one about a year ago but I didn't like it. After seeing Aubrey's video I just had to try out the Baked Sands one, and it is soo much better! Definitely a must buy

  8. awww, that's ok because now you know and you can keep growing your stash.

    There's also and a few others that will break your pockets.

    And the best thing is that they all ship out so quickly and if you have a broken shipment they replace no questions, and no returns.

  9. Wuzzyangel--Thanks! I think I'm going back to the old camera though. lol I'll try to speak louder.

    Juvenescent--Thanks for the info. =)


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