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CoverGirl Review

Product Review

CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Mascara in Black Pearl $8.49 at CVS

What is claims:
The unique eye brightening formula combined with the patented No Clump brush technology brings out the color of your eyes and gives you gorgeous clump-free lashes!


-The wand is exactly like the wand from Lash Exact, meaning it's thin and helps you get every lash.

-This formula really gives you long lashes.

-No smudging!!

-Comes off easily with soap and water.


-I think this is the same EXACT formula as Lash Exact. =( Not that that's a bad thing!! BUT..I didn't notice my eye color standing out any more than usual...this may work better for people with lighter eyes.

Overall: I would buy this again if the store was out of Lash Blast, this is a great solid product, but it doesn't deliver in making my eyes stand out.

4 out of 5.


  1. do swatches with the mascara, please :) i wanna see how the result.. never tried CoverGirl before and i dunno where to find it in German :(

  2. I was wondering about those. Glad that you did the review. Having drk brown eyes suck sometimes.

    hehe... my word verification is "flare". I thought it was cute... =>


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