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Quick Video-Date Night

This is a quick video I did before our 'date night' on Friday..sorry if I didn't explain things well, but I wanted to show you this look. For some reason the camera washed me out a bit in this video, the devil blush is mush brighter in person.


  1. yay! im glad you like what you what! and were you trying to say the paint pots name? is blackground hehehe it looks very sexy and seductive on you!

  2. I LOVE everything that I got.. =)
    Yes I was trying to name what I was I don't know my MAC..not yet anyway..hehe

  3. and i bet that wasnt the all of the stuff u did before your date glad im not a woman i mean make up mane - yawl good folk

  4. That was a sexy look you did!! I hope your date night was fun!

  5. TAG YOU'RE IT! -- check my blog for more info =]

  6. Very pretty look!! I still need to use my pigments I got.


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