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Face Paint

Halloween is my absolute favorite day!! I love the dressing up, the playing with makeup, the getting to be a different person for the day, and the candy!! I plan on doing a few Halloween looks on You Tube soon. I picked these up at Walgreens just in case I don't want to waste some of the makeup I don't have a lot of.

Do you like Halloween? Will you be dressing up this year? I know I will be, but I don't know what. We plan on going to the parade in the village this year, and with all the drag queens that will be there I know I need to be something FIERCE!! Any ideas..??


  1. i like halloweeN!! cool u got the face paint.. u gonna be doin any looks? im still deciding wut to be for halloween.... its soOo hard i wanna be different! wut about u?

  2. yay! i love halloween! idk wat to be either its either a 50s gnagster chick or a flapper dancer!

  3. Jesmakeup-I have a few looks in mind that I'm going to busy right now though that it's hard to get to..I so want to be something different but I have no clue what

  4. ohh cool.. cant wait to see it =) im still deciding tooo


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